Challenge #26 Voting CLOSED

(theeth) #1

This week’s theme: alien lifeforms from beyond and more

Pure Entries

Alien from the planet struhdaehym.

Modelling time: 30 minutes

Here’s my Monster Alien from planet Opticon.
Totally made in Blender. Light effect is texture in the light settings.

Modelled in about 1 hour and textured rendered in about an hour, (big file )

Pure, 100% Blender, a little inspired by the Simpsons.

Aliens discover trace remanents of our planet’s greatest creation…


(theeth) #2

that’s a really tight vote.

As of now (Wednesday, 10:17 GMT -5)

Total: 30 votes
10 votes: bogbean
9 votes: theeth
8 votes: BgDM

it could soooooo go either way…

congrats to all the participants by the way, really good entries this week (not that last week was bad :wink: )


(BgDM) #3

Well, this is getting very exciting. Could go anyway with this weeks voting. Good luck to all in contention!

If, by some slim chance I win this week, my topic for this weeks challenge is “Discovery”. I did some looking up on the internet for major events on this day in history for some inspiration on a topic and in 1520 Magellan reached the Pacific Ocean. So what a fitting topic.

Since I will be moving tomorrow and will be out of touch for the wrest of the weekend, I figured I would post this.

Again, good luck guys!


(theeth) #4

This weeks winner is: BgDM with 33% of the votes!



(BgDM) #5

Wel, what a great surprise for a Monday morning. Back from my move to a new house and I win the WC!!! WOO HOO!!!

Thanks to all that voted for me.