Challenge #262 (11/09/07) CLOSED

Theme #262 for 9 November 2007 is: Individuality is Dead

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 12 November 2007.

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Alright, entry…

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the last stand for individuality


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Veeeeeeeery tempting
ohhhhh yes, very tempting indeed.

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Hello, here is my quick one: pure blender, only two photo images as textures used. I hope I understood the theme right. :slight_smile:


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copy in what way?

“Is that Individualism?”
The idea behind teh pic is to ask what makes someone individual. Is it enough to say that everyone is different or do we need special signs or clothes or something like that to make us individual? and do these signs make us really individual? And finally, why do we want to be individuals? IMO a very interesting topic :slight_smile:


Points to the above

I disagree with the topic, but I think I came up with a good idea, and it was more interesting to go along with it instead of opposing it.

All pure, I took the concrete picture I used for the sidewalk yesterday, and the single brick in the brick wall (photo shopped to tile of course), the rest is blender.

If you use a thumbnail, please use the cute trashcan picture below xD

Good luck everyone.

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EDITEDIT: And again, forgot the 250 kb limit, more compressed jpeg now attached… I hope thats everything…


This is my first weekend challenge entry. The only things created outside of Blender are the face textures, so I believe it’s a pure entry.

Is he dead because he’s unique, or is he unique because he’s dead?

Click the thumbnail to see the full sized picture. Rendered with Blender internal…

cool, try adding some blur in the background

I thought about doing that, but I decided against it because I liked the clean look without the blur.

Open entry (used MakeHuman for the modeling)


Nonconformist Nightmare



One of a million.

Excellent topic. Really like how everyone puts a certain style to the whole picture.

My entry for this weekend challange: