Challenge #268 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Winter Olympics

Pure Entries

  • Marsan
    <no text>

  • ProfFiendish
    Well, if Jamaica has a bobsled team…

  • VersusOm
    The old tradition.
    Entry Image

Slow week eh? Half the entries, half the votes…

This was particularly tough, because all the entries were good!

Winner: ProfFiendish with 74% of the votes



so…um…when do we start???

I received the new theme a little late, so we’ll just skip this week.

Lets call it a year’s end break. :slight_smile:



Aww darn, I was considering participating in this one…

Maybe we’ll have a one-time “Late weekend-early week” challenge?

Aw, theeth…should’ve picked one from the bozo bin :wink: