Challenge #27 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Discovery

Pure Entries

Discovery of fire flies or somthing like that.

Enos Shenk
The Lief Erickson encounters the indestructable Illuminati pyramid at old Atlantis.

At last managed to upload an entry in time…hope it’s worthy

“Discovering the world”

A different kind of discovery than the other contestants.


hah… sonixsculpt, you got my vote… those MAD pipings and tubes, they just melted my heart…

p.s. I can already see what the crew of that rocket are going to discover :slight_smile:


thumbnails?!?! where have all the WC titans gone? they left their poor child out in the cold to fend for itself :frowning:

looks like it found some wolves

and backed itself into a corner

and now it’s innards swim in a ruby red pool :frowning:

Bloody hell as soon as i saw sonix’s entry i knew i was gonna get creamed. Oh well, it is a superb entry.

HAHA! All of the WC titans have been slain by me!! J/K :wink: I would have entered, but I had to move on the weekend and I also won last week, so I couldn’t have entered anyway. I agree on the thumbnail thing. Should be mandatory for this I think.

Anyway, great image by Sonixsculpt! Love the piping and stuff. Only thing I don’t like is the lack of shadows.


i don’t have a website that it can be posted up on… all i have is… suggestions?



I can’t believe there are no 2001 pics here. If I only had time to participatr in these things.


oh my god it’s goo! from the good ol days! haven’t seen you in ages… since the first on the haunt really. glad to see you still pokin around :slight_smile:

No need to worry. I’m still here. School’s been super busy. I’m really looking forward to Christmas break so I can get some time on Blender.


Winner with 62% of the votes: sonixsculpt!



/me shakes fist at sonix

Nah im joking, good job man. Congrats…

Ill get you next time…Muhahahahaha

Cheers Enos, you’ll beat me this week tho’…


Wow, with a landslide vote!
Good work by all and on to the next challenge.
Pam :wink: