Challenge #286 (05/02/08) CLOSED

Theme #286 for 2 May 2008 is: Perseverance

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 5 May 2008.


Pure in Blender 2.45 + little GIMPing

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good one(asuming you mean the steam engine) PP.

@REiKo Rhoemer. By deciphering it you have shown your perseverance already. I will make it up for you. If you win, you may choose a theme in your language. :wink: Which one is that by the way?

@the blenderizer. Hmm, that one is interesting. Did not have it in mind but the theme is open to whatever interpretation of course.

Good luck to everyone!

Motivational Poster for Insects

99% PURE — Blender 2.45 (Modeling, Rendering) — Gimp 2.4.2 (Some textures, border) — Terragen v0.9 (sky)

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Teld: Yeah. My perseverance will be unleashed on Monday, when I post my entry ;). I will see if I post theme in Czech language. But first … I MUST WIN to do that :).

Anyway, for first time I have seen the theme I thought it is word “perversity”, then “persistance”. After longer observation I managed it is “perseverance” - unknown word to me till this day :).

Can someone link the rules here please?


They’re posted at the top of the Weekend Challenge Forum. You can find them here -->

Here we are.
I feel I should explain this one. Bikers use some wierd terminology, and in their patois “crank” means to pedal really hard, especially uphill or to catch up and get ahead of others. The picture of perseverance, right?
I can’t say it’s a pure entry. Blurring and softglow added in GIMP. Abstract heavenliness!

“Still Standing”
Rendered with indigo with minimum post process editing

If I get more time before the contest is over I may come back to this

Possible Placeholder

EDIT: Sorry! Can’t participate in the contest this week. Got too much going on and still haven’t started. Maybe next week. Good luck everyone!


Taming the Land of the Sky

“Trying to Make the Connections”

Pure and nodeless :slight_smile:


and nodeless?? I would have to question the authenticity of a RobertT render without nodes :smiley:

lol - ‘a’ RoberT. Like a Picasso.

but it’s true