Challenge #288 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Life is what you make it

Pure Entries

  • AdamTM
    Life is what you make it - quite literally

  • captainalan
    Rendered in indigo

  • dirtyBlender
    Fly LyfeStyle

  • Enos Shenk
    If life is what I make of it, I make beer.

  • fort ash
    Life is what you make it…

  • Ninjitzue
    Submitted by the Roadkill Restoration Dept.

  • Pörzi
    <no text>

  • REiKo Rhoemer
    “Tangle of Life”

  • RobertT
    “Going Green to Survive”

  • sebastian_k
    i thought i’d take this challenge and came up with a not so happy (yet hopefully beautiful) interpretation…

  • W_o_E
    Life is definitely what you make it

Adams was the most effective for me, best idea aswell imo.

thx, its the first thing that popped into my head^^

RobertT, yours was the best artistically imo, but Woe’s had a fat guy. A FAT GUY!! How could you not vote it? Nice concept Adam.

Sebastian… i noticed you created a hole in the butterfly tag to place a pin through it.

Why exactly did you do that? Was it simply for an elegant look for the mesh pic… or was there some other modeling reason I do not know about?

hm. well, i did it because i figured if you stab a butterfly this will have some kind of effect to his skin/body. that this will not be seen when you have fur on its back - well, bad luck:eyebrowlift:
but there are no obscure modeling tricks. i wish i knew some!! :yes:

Well well well… it looks like someone isn’t manning his post… or should i say forum :slight_smile:

Check out Theeth at the Blender Institute getting the Peach Big Buck Bunny DVDs ready for all of us. :smiley:

Sebastian definitely gets the pure-artistry nod here.

So why did I vote for fatso? Dunno…

Sebastian had the prettiest one, but W_o_e’s made me laugh. :smiley:

Haha, exactly what I would have said.

I vote sebastion, wow that’s a great pic.

Winner: sebastian_k with 27% of the votes



woah, cool! thanks a lot!! :o
i should have close watch on my ego now, it’s growing too fast…

Congratulations, sebastian ;).

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