Challenge #290 (05/30/08) CLOSED

Theme #290 for 30 May 2008 is: An Everyday Object in an Odd Setting or Situation

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 2 June 2008.

The Spoon of the Elders

teeth will have to decide again if its pure or open, i used the water material from

and what is it with me and spoons lately? is it a subconcious message? a gift from beyond? it remains a mystery… <.<

and no, i didnt use fluid sim for that…it would be crazy^^


Placeholder! I will enter this time!!!


oh no!

not sure if this would count as open or pure because i used photoshop to fix up some problems i had with the lava from the original render

My very first contest entry!

ok this time im cereal about this…ima do this one! seems fun!


Pure in Blender 2.46, rendered in Blender internal with AAO (999697 vertices :)).

Link to the image:
Link to thumbnail:

Maybe in. Just deciding on what everyday object…

Thats one quality render there Jeeps, nice work! Mind giving some render specs?

thanks freeality :slight_smile: it was about a 4 minute render with about 500,000 verts (most of which were from the subsurfed ground to get the displacement mod working nicely

No problem, the lighting is absolutely superb! I almost thought it was an indigo render, but something about it seemed too ‘soft’(not a bad thing). Again, really good stuff.

Decided to get a little quality time with the softer side of Blender this weekend and use it for what most people do (aa…aaar…art?!).

What? on Earth


Life is found in the strangest places…

Edit:link to video just for fun 8 )


saw your deviant page, nice suff, cant wait for your entry — rival :wink:

Here is my entry. It’s my first actual car model. The texture on the road was made in Photoshop, and so was the sign. The sky was taken from the Blender skydome repository. The music is a piece that I found laying around my house. Everything else was created in Blender and was rendered internally.


Here is my non-participating entry called “Please Leave a Message”:

The chair comes from an earlier and thematically-related piece of mine called “Do Office Chairs Dream of Open Spaces?”