Challenge #336 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: From Russia with love

Pure Entries

  • braindamage
    Its a Russian ICBM (topol).

    From Russia with love.

  • Morichalion
    With love.

  • Radulan
    I thought, I’d go with a classic bomb. Started it before I saw the ICBM Based loosely off the A-bombs dropped on Japan.

  • rarebit
    Russian Worm

  • rebogey
    Its really a love thing. I guess its a sort of On Off relationship.
    Non-Participating Entries

  • Radulan
    > I mean - no bears, no vodka =(
    Here ya go…

braindamage his bomb is VERY COOL, but it isn’t very original… hehe
Maybe i’ll choose Radulan his bear :stuck_out_tongue:

The other ones are pretty cool too this week…

Abstaining this week because I can’t vote for the non-participant. Everyone (else…)
seemed to think just that “Russia = Bomb.”

I think this does prove something about the residue from all those years of the “Cold War”… There is much room for healing.

I agree. This is a classic example of mass stereotyping. I was going to enter with my set of russian dolls, but i lost the file.

I think it’s more of a “Russian movie” stereotype than a Russian stereotype, at least for me. I’ve never been to Russia, so all I know is what I’ve seen in the movies and media, and what I remember from the cold war, but that was a different time. To me, the movies are just movies and I don’t take them too seriously.

Another Russian stereotype I can dis-credit is that Russian women are ugly. I Googled and they are pretty hot. :smiley:

We are all citizens of the Blender nation. Peace my brothers. And nice work everyone.

I had a good Russian / English friend for years, stayed at the family house a lot of the time and we travelled the world together. We used to spend a lot of time smoking and drinking vodka in their garden shed. So, no, no ill feelings about Ruskies, quite opposite. Also recently finished the Gibson book Pattern Recognition which ends in Russia.

That’s just not true. There are 7 entries and just 2 bombs. So if you don’t like the bombs, there are still entries you could vote for. Not that there is anything wrong with the bombs, as a matter of fact, I almost voted for braindamage instead of myself this week, but then I figured I could use all the votes I can get. Sorry braindamage :slight_smile:

Also, if the title was different, e.g. The Russian Bear, then the images would be different. “From Russia With Love” is the title of a cold war spy thriller, it begs this type of response from a bunch of comedic weekend artists. But if someone set’s the title of “Pirates”, i’m going to do one in a tutu practising ballet in case I offend any…

No, all the Russians I know tend to be cool and intelligent…

Well said, but I don’t think doing yourself in a tutu is a good way to not offend anyone. That might just offend everyone. Please, nobody pick “pirates” for a topic.:no: kidding

But then you’d miss my new tiara… it’s so… oh shudup…

Well it seems that the bombs are stormin it, there common game elements so…

Anyway shirokoff, i’ve had my Global Underground - Moscow CD blasting out today and everybody’s loved it.

Winner: braindamage with 46% of the votes



drainbamage for the win… woot :slight_smile:

Blue me away marn…