Challenge #349 (21/08/09) CLOSED

I’ve always liked Settlers of Catan.
99% pure


Here is my entry:

Survival Strategy

A fascinating demonstration of collaborative strategy can be found in nature: ants cooperating to build and help each other cross a bridge.

Some technical notes: The leaf texture was painted (by mouse) in Blender. The background is all mesh (procedural texture for the bark). Pure Blender internal render.


Helix, I can usally manage poor spelling, but I guees I,m not up with the new english.
Would you care to elucidate.

Bogey, what misspelling are you referring to? With spelling and grammar like mine, there is bound to be more than one. I guees we’re are similar in that regard. :smiley: Btw, awsome render.

Robert, AMAZING! That should go right to the gallery.

Helix; edit “to understand other peoples” poor spelling.
Anyway “respect”, and glad you like the Green Bomber.

Totally agree with the last bit.

ps, still working on the green bombs.

I had to resort to a tone of tutorials to get the procedural textures to work out, and even now there’s probably still room for improvement.


The page doesn’t load :frowning:

robertT, i saw a picture of that in a magazine, very impressive… but how do you paint directly in blender?

hmm. It loads for me and it looks AWESOME.

Okay, heres what I did this weekend… I didn’h have to much time… but here’s what I have… I have an idea to make it a little better, but I have no more time this weekend.

BTW, I love your entry RobertT! very impressive! I wish I could do that in a weekend…

Poor Strategy

Criticism is greatly appreciated…


andrew, they need more shadow at the front side… i know there’s one at the other side, but it still looks kinda like they’re floating… and maybe a little less focal blur…

Thanks, I was kept fiddling with the lighting to try to get them to blend in with the board more, but was having no luck last night… maybe now if I look at it again, I’ll be able to fix it.


I too was thinking of chess/board games but I wanted to try something different. Here is my entry: “Locker Room


Amiller, ambient occlusion will fix that for you. :wink:

I already have a very high value of AO, set to subtract… Maybe I just washed it out with too many lights…


Okay, actually started working on it again… for some reason approximate AO has no effect on the board, so now that I’ve set it to raytraced AO, it seems to work much better…
Now I just have to wait for it to render…


Finally, my entry. I could make it a little better but i am out of time… :frowning:

Yet, I must say that I am going for RobertT unless I see some surprise in the voting thread. Amazing work.

Alternative Strategy or Do Not Mess With The Queens

Pure blender wih some postpro to add the ballon (not sure if it remains pure or becomes open). Yes I remade the figures. Wanted to do that for a time and this challange was the perfect excuse :smiley: .


Thanks for the kind comments, and very good work on all the entries!

I enjoy topics like this because we get to see a nice variety of interpretations of the theme :slight_smile: