Challenge #361 (13/11/09) CLOSED

Theme #361 for 13 November 2009 is: Bridges

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 16 November 2009.

I’m working on my piece right now. Not sure exactly how to do this …Was caught up with the BWDC.

Ok this is purely pure… Though i did use a tree from blender greenhouse. All the models are new and made within the last 48 hours as of to day, Sunday Nov. 15…

Last render was a bit flat… Here is my final. And i really didn’t like the tree the way it was…The textures are way to flat for the tree to be in the foreground.


Rope Bridge



pure, rendered with yafaray.
i may work more on it if time permits.

Night Lights!

HD Wallpaper here and Finished Project thread.

WIP here.

@ theeth - I made this before I was aware that last weeks winner could not compete this week, if that is so, then this is non-participating.

I hope to enter, I will edit this post with the render if I finish in time…

Fantasy Bridge
Ok, here it is, this is purely 100% Blender :


Arhitecture Park

Not Pure - Some texture made with Gimp.


it’s pure, textures from other programs are fine (and expected)
(photo-based, hand painted, procedurals from other apps, etc.)
read the sticky rules thread at the top of the sub-forum :wink:

This is my scene for the contest, hope you like it.
Title “A bridge for life” jeje

It’s 100% pure blender.
–All the models were made for this contest.

-Texture and materials.
–For the texture in the island i used bake in AO, then painted in the image editor and texture paint mode.
–The girl body is a texture made in paint mode and image editor, the hair is a material with no specular.
–The other model are using procedural materials with mainly no specular.

-Render and lighting.
–In the light i’m using 1 sun, 1 spotlight ant 1 hemi.
–It was rendered with Ambient Occlusion, and render layers for the blur in the propellers.

I see a lot of people went with old wooden suspension bridges…

In a land where rocks are very smooth, land is utterly featureless, and living space is extremely tight (and mostly vertical)…

Textures in Photoshop, Everything else in blender. Final Composite and distant background were done in PS.


Wow! I am so glad everyone was inspired by this theme! The number of entries and the quality of the work this week is incredible. Good luck everyone, you have all done a fantastic job!

Here’s my entry. Sorry about the lack of scenery, busy weekend,… just focus on the bridge.
Done completely in Blender, two textures from CGTextures.