Challenge #370 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Bankruptcy

Pure Entries

lots of good entries. :eek:

Very nice everyone.

It was tough to choose but I had to go with RobertT this time. I love the chaos and desperation of the repossession scene. The colors, camera angle, focus, and lighting are all perfect for the mood of the piece, gray daze. And the ever present final notice and empty wallet in the foreground…genius! Inspired me to make a car payment. Well done RobertT.

Good entries from everyone again this week! If I hadn’t voted for myself (let’s face it no one else is gonna!) then my vote would have gone to RobertT, as well as being a technically great image I think it was the best interpretation of the subject too, well done. N00Bie was a close run second, that gavel is amazing!
This weeks theme turned out to be quite apt for me, I had to cut short working on my entry this week to study for a job interview, but it was worth it cos I got the job. So the threat of bankruptcy is avoided for the foreseeable future (it was becoming a close run thing having been out of work for six months). Woohoo!

Winner: N00BIE with 34% of the votes