Challenge #392 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Digital Summer

Pure Entries

i vote for the 4th pic, since the other somhow dont have much to do with digital summer,
like the first is more about sports, the second… ok but i dont get ,
the third is more about the theme music or so.
so there is no competition at all for the 4th, therefor it wins.
its MY VIEW of things.

greets equal

Great job everyone. Some very original ideas this contest.

Winner: wallacemarino with 36% of the votes



hmm somehow i thought that topic would have generated more participation.

ill go ahead and blame the weather…

I blame it on the reavers. They thaught they had a sniff.

ps.Congrats wallacemarino, off to vote.

Congrats wallacemarino! :smiley:

Cheers guys.

My first ever weekend challenge win. Hopefully not the last! Cheers for the votes.