Challenge #396 (30/07/10) CLOSED

Theme #396 for 30 July 2010 is: Dr Seuss Style

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 2 August 2010.

i’ve been looking to participate for a loooooong time but these crap themes never encourage me.
EDIT: its also very regional. I had to check wikipedia.

O.k… Just for the ske of trying this, DR.Seuss style means not the actual characters but something of similar style right?

Like this?

Sorry but I wouldn’t like to start on something that may not follow the rules.:no:

Yes, this is quite a good theme :slight_smile:

This is a placeholder.

@Grafixsuz: rules on the theme are pretty loose, as long as it can be justified as matching the them in some way then it works. the thing that keeps you from wandering to far is the votes, if nobody can see a relation to the theme it will probably keep them from voting for your entry. I’d say what you have hits this theme perfectly.

possible placeholder (will see if I have enough time this weekend.)

Yes Just the style.

Here’s my entry :slight_smile:

Title: Reach!

Pure. All 3D work and post processing in Blender 2.53 Beta.


Full size ------>
Thumbnail ------>

A Dr. Seuss style character in a Robo3Dguy style world :wink:

Good luck all and happy Blender 2.5 BETA!!! YAAYAY!!! :smiley:


my entry



Dr. Sues Forest


Pure: Tree trunk texture done in gimp.


Pure: A Dr. Seuss style scene. Made in Blender 2.53, small amount of colour correction in GIMP.

Full size

It’s been over a year since my last weekend competition, which is entirely too long!

Seuss House:

Full Size

It needs to have something in the middle, but I needed to get some other work done so I’m calling it done.

Here is my non-participating entry:

Slender Blender Renders Splendors!

Pure Blender 2.49.