Challenge #397 (06/08/10) CLOSED

Theme #397 for 6 August 2010 is: The Internet

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 9 August 2010.


“Internet Predators - Om Nom Nom”
Blender 2.49b, Gimp 2.6.10

Sorry, I only had 4 hours…

Domo is coming to prove you wrong Prince!

Long time no see Quandtum.

Ha, for sure! I’m surprised anyone remembers me. Good to see you back also, you were doing RL art, ya?

Internet - Like searching for gold
Blender 2.53 - GIMP 2.6.8

It is, after all, just a series of tubes. Right? At least that is what I was told.


>>Quandtum, Yea I have been painting down here in P.R. for like 15 years now. And in the summer I have almost no time. I got a few videos of what I do and am now teaching .

That’s awesome! I have a deep appreciation for how easy you made that look too. Way back in the day I used to some paintings out of spray cans, and it’s nowhere near as easy as you made it look (controlling bleeding colors isn’t simple). Good vision on the subject too. How do you like the teaching so far?

Thanks for the comment. As far as teaching, It is fun. I love how people think it is so easy till they try it and realize how much time you really have to put in to get it right.

Hey guys,
here is my humble submission to this theme, couldn’t resist :wink:
Anyways, this is my first contest submission EVER, hope I didn’t screw up too much :eek:

Talking about the Internets… support Net neutrality!~


EDIT: I finally figured out (hurrah!) why my digits wouldn’t render so I am attaching my original idea for you to see… the point was to show a flow of ones and zeros rather than just particles… hope that doesn’t break any submission rules or w/e. Though I am definitely gonna take a break now :eek: :smiley: Cheers

any critique is very welcome


Whoa Quandtum! Welcome back!!! :smiley:

Here’s my entry.

Title: Yep, there’s internet up here

Pure. All content and post processing in Blender 2.53 Beta.


Full size ------>
Thumbnail ------>

Good luck all, happy blending :smiley:


Hahah, nice one :slight_smile:

Late -.-

The Internet: A Bad Ratio

vote mccyberfly

he had an interested concept. robo3dguy would’ve had my vote but the big text took something away from the picture, it would’ve looked better without it. I dislike text in renders. :wink:

Wooo, thanks for the vote :smiley: I must say I personally like Robo3D’s render just the way it is coz to me the text fits in well and makes a funny point :wink:

PS: Which one actually wins the vote, particles or digits? :eek:

Perpetual, McCyberfly: Thank you for both opinions, I am always willing and glad to hear critique :slight_smile: