Challenge #408 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Contraption

Pure Entries

  • Albion
    telegraph machine.

  • Gemm
    My Contraption…
    Ok this is a Gunlance type thing. Inspired by the Monster Hunter franchise.


  • rebogey
    <no text>

  • TazDevyl
    <no text>
    Non-Participating Entries

  • rarebit
    Not tea a Yorkshireman would drink!

  • RobertT
    Wacky Widget

Had to give Taz a vote. Even though it wasn’t finished, looks like a lot of time spent.

and I still fear for the poor little monkey…
One ball is heading straight for his head / mouth, and another seems to have dropped out of somewhere…

Well done all, it was a harder topic than I had imagined… It was going to be ‘space station’, but I thought there’d be too many entries…

Good win Helix (tempts fate!)

I promise the monkey was in no harm. And thanks Helix. Good job on yours. Stupid work got in the way of me finishing it. LOL

Only had time for a quick go, hence the gl render. I hope it gave you all a laugh.
Good stuff everyone and as you say rarebit, congrats Helix.

@Taz’s image, haha, that coloured monkey looks alot like a a tutorial i looked at some time ago…

Might be a little premature, but thanks all, this topic was a lot of fun.

I think Taz needs to get his priorities straight…Work < Weekend challenge:)

Taz is a she…

My apologies :o I usually try to leave out the gender, but one got by…No offense.

I think the looney tunes Taz was a he, or she smoked a lot.

P.S. Still…work < weekend challenge

ooooh, i’m ready to riot, Helix insulting the honour of Taz, it’s too cold, i’m bored, the contest hasn’t started (has the weekend?), people destroying the world by posting pointless posts on great forums like BlenderArtists (i’d recommend a visit), er, er, er, yeah it’s all their fault… Yeah make the riot peaceful, just take a moment to stand, take attention, then give two minutes silence…

Mrs. Tasmanian Devil (ref:

Oh my, I can see the torch light through my window. The vigilantes must be getting restless. Will Theeth ever come and put a stop to the senseless persecution of infidels such as myself? I guess I must rise to the occasion and save us all from our own ill will. The only solution is for us all to walk hand in hand, focused on a common goal. How about the Worthy cause of interpreting this weekends topic…

“witch hunt”

<disclaimer> pending finalization </disclaimer>

Hmmm, I hope Theeth is well.

he has on occasion been distracted in the past. I wouldn’t worry about it. hopefully someone would tell us if he were not well or something.

:eek: :spin: :confused:

I dident get time to have a go, so good luck to those who did, when it gets sorted.

The weekend winner now double Helix.

I’m glad 'cos i’ve had no time this weekend, will it be the same topic for next weekend because I did do a sketch…

@rarebit, That’s a good question. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Theeth does. Either way, it would be nice to see some artwork all up in this mug.:yes:

Since i’m feeling rebellious and can’t find a good cause (err, i’m glad you only know me as me on this forum, LOL)…

I think since no verdict has been passed on Helix being the outright winner and that (well i’m going to say that i’m the ultimate being, therefore I can, please refute me) by the law of cathedrals and bazaars since left unattended for too long have the right to claim this here competition in the name of opensource development and that, hmmm, who can I choose, oooh, ton is the winner…

No, not seriously, but as you can guess, my entry this weekend (fingers crossed!), will be as daft as I!

P.S. Please do me a favour, smile at someone for a second or two, or until they notice… then wiggle your eyebrows, giggle and walk off…

Sorry guys, was much busy with work and other life stuff in the past week. WC will resume as usual starting now.

Apologies again.