Challenge #499.8 (28/12/12) Entries CLOSED

Theme #499.8 for 28 December 2012 is: Cake

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 9pm EST, Monday 31 December 2012.

in b4 “It’s a lie”.

I went to a party once where they had a custom cake made that said “WARNING: POISONOUS CAKE” in big warning letters. It must have been because my poop was green the next day. That should give you a good visual for this round. :evilgrin:

Cake… Interesting

Green food dye in it eh?

Is it too early to submit?

In b4 Last Slice:

Blend File: Cake.blend (1.38 MB)

@Homeworkbad: Awesome and no not too early to submit. However, that would look even better if the inside of the cake had some more texture to it.

@deltaray: I can’t seem to find a texture I’m happy with. If I find something though, I’ll change my submission. It is a bit lacking in the texture department.

@Homeworkbad, Entry looks great! I do agree with Mr. Green Jeans :slight_smile:

How about procedural textures? Maybe turn off the color and just use it to influence the normal values? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about messing up the color…

Bakewell Blood Cake…

I’ll come back to the pastry another year, have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Birthday cake

rendered with cycles


These all look so delicious!


Happy New Year everyone!

I know I missed the deadline. Don’t consider this as an entry.
I just put the work into it; seems a shame to not share it somewhere…

@statler: That’s a great cake there. I hope you get included. You should be proud of that and it made my 6 year old daughter smile big when she saw it, and she was really the one who choose the topic. :smiley:

Awesome entries by everyone this week.