Challenge #5 Voting - CLOSED

This week’s theme: In the depths… something stirs.

Pure Entries
NEO[list:306098ca53]Here is my entry for this week. After about 2 days of 20 idea’s running through my head and 2 hours of work i finally made this one a reality. Its pretty much a primative dinosaur like alien, these creatures only known as ‘Sand Hunters’ wait until the common sand storm comes and they use this as camuflaouge (sp?) to keep hidden and attack prey with the suprise element. It took about 10 min of preperation, 45 min of modelling (which was a suprise to me how long it took to make that alien =) and 20 min of compositing the mist, sand etc. --Reccomeneded 32 bit color and resolution 1024/768 or it will look weird–
This is a pure entry made 100% blender and all for this contest, all textures are blender’s inbuilt too except for one texture for the eye and one for the alien’s head.

BgDMHere is my entry for this challenge. This is the bottom of a pit or cave and there are some gnome/troll creatures lurking in the caves.
Pure This was done all in Blender with some textures from the web. (copy and paste) (last resort, slow, non-copy/paste version)

ectizenA shark, hunting.
Pure All new, all blender.

hannibarWell here’s mine : a bunch of fishes with holes in their head and orange stuff comming out their head :smiley:


Non-Competing Entries
bogbean[list:306098ca53]Hey ho… I know I’m not allowed to have an entry this time, but I thought I’d just do this for a laugh.
Open It didn’t take very long - 'cos I cheated lots. I got the fish model and texture from the internet a while ago, and got it working in Blender a few weeks back. I also made this before the topic was announced (seeing as I made up the topic title! :smiley: :smiley: ).


Good luck, everyone!

Couldn’t view BgDM’s even with copy/paste :frowning:

  1. pofo

pofo: works fine for me. try right click and “save as”. should work then.


pofo: works for me too. Maybe try copy/paste, then hold down the Shift key while hitting Reload/Refresh. If that fails too, maybe try restarting your browser before copy/pasting again.

BgDM: You get a free thumbnail (built and hosted by me) if you put your entry on a page. Then you get a nicer looking entry in the voting threads, and people can view the image by simply clicking the link - Everybody Wins!

hannibar: OH NOS!!1! TEH FISHSe AR LEEKIGN!1!11 :o :o :o

BgDM, I can’t view your image, not with copy/paste not by saving…
Please people, make even a simple webpage for your images.
Copy and paste the following if you want:
<title>an image</title>

it doesn’t have to be more complex than that…

Sorry if the image doesn’t want to work. :frowning:

ectizen: I now have an iptic website, thanks to acasto. Can I change the url, or would it even be worth it now?


edit: ectizen: sorry I didn’t see that you made a link for me. Big thanks!!!

Thanks now I can see :slight_smile:
Looks good to me.

ectizen: That’s a good looking sub. Guess it has to be dark for the right mood, but it’s hard to see the details.

  1. pofo

Details?! You want DETAILS!?! I got ya details right here, buddy!

It’s supposed a Russian Akula class sub (the attack sub named “Akula” by NATO, not the missile sub named “Akula” by the Russians…), hence the title of the entry - “akula” is Russian for “shark”, apparently. The real thing looks like this. I’m sure it’s supposed to have an extra pair of diving planes, but I couldn’t find a picture anywhere that showed any lower than the above pic.

As for the dark, yes, it’s mainly for the mood. Although it does give the benefit of making the details kind of indistinct, so I can not worry about fixing some of the modelling mistakes :slight_smile:

BgDM: No problem! Anything to help the handful of people not voting hannibar not vote for me either :wink:

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. pofo

The public have spoken! The public chose hannibar!

Well done, hannibar and everyone else, for this week’s odd assortment :slight_smile:

well done hannibar =)

Well although i was not entirely happy with my entry this week at least its giving me a reason to make somethign (and makign this weeks was very fun, so thats what counts imo) and it will only make be better =). I’m also putting up a gallery soon so the WE challenge will be good to build it up =D.

well done to every1, great entries, can’t wait for the next one. 8)

Congrats hannibar! A big well done to everyone this week. Nice work this time around.

I’ll get 'em next time :wink:


Thanks everyone! :smiley:
It was a fun challenge!