Challenge #505 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Fruit

Pure Entries



“Raspberry Sundae”


"Strawberry smoothie"MM

“Meaningless cherries composition”


“One Bad Apple…”

Krisnack’s entry:

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I still maintain it would be nice to see small thumbnails down the left or right side of the forum boards with the voting built in (i.e. gallery bar at the top running down right or left side with the radio and vote button built in). I suspect the deterrent to vote is finding the way here (or effort to get here), but I wonder too if it would raise interest in participating (i.e. new people to come and play).

I dunno, is an awesome platform to practice, experiment, meet folks and play… the votes just make it all that more exciting.

I agree with that, I find a lot of people who have never seen the Contest boards…

I respectfully disagree. The problem with that is that you’d get lots of “fickle people” votes. People who would vote for something near the top of the list all the time without looking at all the entries. Right now you have more dedicated people voting on the contests and they seem to do so fairly. Its also usually around the same number of voters each time. The number of voters is usually high compared to the number of entrants.

I would hazard at calling BA patrons “fickle”, its a great place for feedback and ideas. If anything the regular groupings of votes by cliques may be offset by the general populous.

You know me deltaray, I generally enter to make up numbers and never enter finished work, but I also know who give me the sympathy vote(s), just like other excellent entries which regularly get no votes.

This isn’t a whinge, its about attracting more entrants, more feedback and coverage.

So, to avoid the clicking the first listed entry problem you described, make all the images click through to the voting page.

Maybe even make the thumbnails on this voting page be arranged in a grid 3 or 4 wide, even have the order randomised on each request of the page?

And, without doubt mik1190, oops (it was last night!), Krisnacks entry is the sure winner (mmm that sounds different now put like that), anyway… Can we have a new topic please, I need my WC inspiration for my weekend Blendering…

I don’t think the donkey vote is an issue, The first vote seems to win as much as any other at present, usually it’s the best entry. I think if the votes went to the general page, people who visit BA will choose the one they like best or not vote at all. Maybe a link to the WC on the focused critique and works in progress pages?

Anyway, to quote

Yeah, wheres the WC?

fickle is probably the wrong word, I’d just be concerned that you’d get more votes from people who aren’t as serious about the contest and reviewing all the entries. But I guess its worth a try. It certainly would be good to get more people entering the contest. Maybe we could get them to post the winner’s image in the header gallery of BA with a link to the contest. That might be easier.

Probably out of time now. Can probably do “Impressions of RobertT” to fill the time tho =P

Better yet, since the cutoff time was ambiguous (I’m not sure who won), mik1190 or Krisnack PM me, I’ll start the next contest with the first topic in the inbox.

No challenge this weekend… hm…

This is interesting…by the way i noticed just now in the frontpage there is a greyish empty ‘rectangle’ just up the featured images maybe some 100 pixels, why?

This week the winner is Krisnack :slight_smile: my entry was leading only the first days…

Ahh yes, humor always gets a couple of bonus votes