Challenge #511 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Sword

Pure Entries


sword in the stone

“The found sword”

1841 pattern russian cavalry saber


My One



Sharpening Stone

Lots of entries this week, :slight_smile:

I think you left out Krisnack’s entry, or maybe it was too late.

Ya, I saw that this morning, but it was ~1 hour 50 minutes after I had made the poll. Sorry Krisnack. :frowning:

I also forgot to welcome all the new participants, it’s great to have you! :smiley:

Yeah, lotsa new guys, hi all and welcome, stay and play the weekend challenge

gazda, the corrosion on your blade looks very authentic. the brass is good too.

I love SomeSilverWings entry :smiley: Very Well Done to the other entries too :slight_smile:

I like the historical background of gazdas entry. :yes: And render is very well done too.

Never thought about something other that a fantasy sword so its great to see some other interpretations of this topic.

Congrats to Gazda for creating what honestly does look like a real sword, of appropriate age, sitting in a real box. Thoughtful use of overprinted bump-textures on the box.

thanks guys,

If i might add im kinda dissapointed with that red velvet inside the box. I should have paid way more attention to it since its the big part of the scene,well, note for future.

Great entry somesilverwings, its very rounded up and complete and its got a great context to it, :slight_smile:

I didn’t get my entry done in time. Was busy with other stuff, screwed off a bit then bam the entries were closed. Lovely work though by all.

I went ahead and finished it anyway though, just for laughs. So, non-competing entry :wink:

Enos, what a shame. That would have had my vote!!! Love the idea of the pen is mightier than the sword.

Great way to switch it up!!! I like entries that think out side of the box.


and I didn’t vote…

Hello everybody, I’m new here, guys, what is the criterion used here!?? I voted in Gazda, why the guy did everything right, the “textures are neat”!! what are those stones with those textures of SomeSilverWings poorly distributed, the bad guy does not take my comment, but I think we have to be fair, I want to participate in this competion but it has to be seriously voting for the winner, that is what really struggled to do it right so as to mesh the textures and the theme in general!

Gazda the face of this pretty cool, because the texturing is correct and well organized, because they did have some rocks that the meshes are stretched and got very bad.

Welcome, and glad to have you here. The criteria to participate is only that you use Blender is some part of your image creation. You can decide what part and how much (though that will decide if you are a “pure” or “open” entry).

Then you should! :smiley: All skill levels are welcomed. New users can learn lots and experienced users can have a nice short project to try new things with.

The new challenge will start soon (tonight or tomorrow) ;).

The winner is SomeSilverWings with 23 votes, congratulations!

dirty-stick 0 | 0%
Hatchnet 1 | 2.22%
SomeSilverWings  23 | 51.11%
gazda 14 | 31.11%
TazDevyl 0  | 0%
virakocha  4 | 8.89%
dlqx 2 | 4.44%
DRoss 0 | 0%
blenderallday 1 | 2.22%