Challenge #536 (09/20/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #536 for September 20 2013 is: Low Light Situation

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday September 23 2013.

It’s been a while since i participated :c
I wish i was better with hair particles… i couldn’t get them to work but regardless for plane modeling the cat is halfway decent.

Blender Render, Pure entry

Can’t wait to see what everyone else makes :wink:

The Spoon Does Not Exist. Noir. :smiley:
“The spoon, Neo. It does not exist. At least one of them.”

Pure entry.

Closed Shops
Pure Entry

My pure entry.

Low light situation.

My second attempt at a picture, modeled from scratch. I made the textures in and used blender render in default settings. Originally wanted to show a hand holding the candle but couldn’t get it modeled to look very good. Should have quit the hand sooner as it unfortunately took up too much time for me to go back and add wires out of the box and spend more time on textures. As long as I learn something each week I am happy though and this week I learned a bit about duplicates and shared UV’s.

Ok, changed it completely…this is still messed up…but 500 samples 13 bounces and passes. 3.5 hours later. Anyone want to chip in to Taz’s funds for a new graphics card? LOL



Just a concept I wanted to try. 100% Cycles.

The noise just won’t go away. 400 samples which turn into 10000 thanks to the Branched Path Tracing… but, after having watched the paint dry for one hour… repeatedly, I couldn’t see the difference in between 6K, 8K or 10K samples. So, I gave up the idea of DOF and SSS. I just needed to move on. At least, I like the colors. :wink:

Lurking from the Darkness

Pure entry, rendered with Blender Internal. The point -not completely achieved- was to find a right equilibrium between darkness and visibility. I wonder if Cycles would get a better result; definitely I have to learn to work with it.

As usual, textures come from CGTextures.

Pure Entry

Rendered in Blender Internal - fire and smoke[INDENT=2]Cycles -1000 samples

Here’s my entry (pure). Rendered in cycles, 500 samples. took two and half hours to render. I can’t quite remember where i got the textures from.

hope you like it! :smiley: :smiley:


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Here is my entry for this week’s theme. I really liked this one. First I was not sure if i should enter on this competition so I decided to work on another project. It involved a light bulb made out of glass…This created some weird art effects in the final render … called fireflies.
So there you have my inspiration for my enter :slight_smile: Here is the technical stuff:I used cycles with 500 samples and it took about 1 hour to render. Every texture is from cgtextures and it is a pure entry.

Here is my entry; Pure, rendered with LuxRender


Great open topic!


Let night tv
Not entirely pure, BI but the character is a flexirig character

Nice work everyone!! Quite a wide range of entries, very nice!!!

Here’s mine, ‘A low life situation’

100% Pure Blender Internal.


Here my entry,pure: LL glasses

More o less the style is the same as my other entry last week.

Pure entry


It’s been a really long time since I’ve done one of these challenges - good to be back :slight_smile:
Render time was roughly 30 hours… 100000 motion blurred particles will do that :wink: Comping a rain image over it instead would probably look just as good and render in 1/100th of the time, but where’s the fun in that?!

Download the blend if you like, licenced CC-BY-SA (excluding all textures, which have their own CGTextures license)

30 hours?!!?!? You have another computer I hope? I couldnt handle a 30 hour render lol I need to be able to use my computer.

Pure down to the magic of the sea

Here is my non-competing entry:

Deep Sea Lights

Inspired by the bioluminescent creatures which emit their own light where there is none.