Challenge #540 (10/18/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #540 for October 18 2013 is: Monochrome

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday October 21 2013.

This is my take on a zebra, a rather monochromatic animal.

It is a pure entry. this is not an image texture, but rather a model. All of the black stripes are mesh planes slightly over one solid white mesh plane. I added my name on the bottom corner using Gimp.

pure entry , 300 samples , cycles , simple one
good luck everyone
inspired by many artists :slight_smile: who work with lights and shadows :slight_smile:

Pure Entry. Rendered in cycles with 500 samples. And some final touches in the compositor. I’m not very good at drawing but I tried to draw the Blender logo on the wall :smiley:
Hope you like it!

Good Luck Everyone!!:smiley:

My take on a pic I found on Google.

Tough challenge this week.

I tried a couple different approaches with color monochrome but nothing worked out. I almost gave up but sat down with my sketch pad while watching the Saturday night baseball game and came up with this picture. I wanted to play a bit with perspective. Couldn’t get the lighting to resemble the image in my imagination so I had to settle for a close as I could get.

Pure entry. Models from scratch, textures are just random images from Bing image search. Rendered in Cycles 1000 cycles.

Lonely Swing

Some really good stuff this week. Good luck to all.

I had very little spare time this weekend, so just a quick render to enter the Challenge. It intended to be a 3D rendition of the retro arcade game “Asteroids” played, of course, on a monochrome monitor.

Pure entry.

Good luck to everyone.

Pure entry, rendered in cycles

Monochrome doesn’t have to be black & white, right?

Anyway, here’s my entry. Cycles @ not nearly enough samples.

The jar is based on an earlier model I made, which makes this an open entry.

Here is my non-competing entry: