Challenge #542 (11/02/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #542 for October 31 2013 is: Fire and Ice

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday November 02 2013.

sweet theme :3 already got an idea (and this time I didn’t bother checking until the last day :D)

Hahaha, that was the theme for my Prom last year.
Lets hope i can come up with something far better than they did for it xD (they thought the colors red orange and black fit fire and ice…heaven knows why)

Let’s see…

Here is my non-competing entry:



Lost in the ice

Hey there :slight_smile:
I hope you like my entry. I made every thing in blender using the cycles render but volumetrics are not supported so I had to draw the smoke myself using gimp but besides that it is a pure entry.

Martin, volumetric lights can be made using both render engines, check this out, anyway i like you work!


Here´s my entry. Pure and rendered with Blender Internal.
Textures from Cgtextures except a couple of them, which I had in my HD and can´t remember when or from where I downloaded.

It´s a pretty open theme this weekend. Looking forward to see more different interpretations of it.
Good luck to everyone.

Hey there
I mean volumetric rendering for smoke and that definitely not supported for cycles to this point.If I am not mistaken they try to add it in the 2.7 release but we just got 2.69 a few days ago so that still can take a while :wink:
And I am pretty sure that volumetric lighting is not supported by cycles eader but you made my unsure about that atleast I do not know about it :slight_smile: (In the tutorial he only jouses the internal renderer) or were you talking about some demos out there which cycles supports volumetrics ???
Anyways thanks for trying to help and if I said something wrong please correct me.

Wow, RobertT got his in first this week, and very nicely done. Reminds me of a stalemate, or a no win scenario, you melt me and I will put out your flame. Well played good sir.

And the other two so far both have ice fields in them. Great artists think alike???

I went a different route. I decided last week that no matter the theme for this week I was going use simple models so I could concentrate on textures. Also going to try to use jpeg this time as Kidus suggested last week.

Pure entry, modeled from scratch, all cycles textures except the label which I made in

Fire and Ice

(Hopefully this image doesn’t break any forum rules, if so I’ll remove it)

– Midnight Martini

Cycles, pure. Fun theme, love all the entries.

Rendered in Blender, minor post-processing done in Photoshop.

Here’s my entry (pure). Rendered in Cycles with 1024 samples. Some post processing done in the compositor. And the smoky thing added in Photoshop. Also, this is my first time working on a different aspect ratio other than the default 16:9 :D.
I hope you like it.

Good luck everyone!!

Here my entry: chilled pepper

Edit: pure entry.

All Great Entries… :wink: Cheers!!!

Glass : melt down Ice you are not one of us :evilgrin:

great entries this week good luck all, again did not have time to work hard on the subject , thats why I used PS for fire :slight_smile:
rendered in luxrender , Its not fully rendered , I paused it cause of work :frowning:
anyway hope you like the Idea :slight_smile:

Here is my entry.
It is a pure entry rendered with cycles and some minor post processing in Gimp.

It was inspired by a random image I saw on the internet.
Hope you like it.

My take on Fire and Ice.

Well, hi guys, this is my entry, I can´t get a descent fire and the ice it´s not very clear but anyway here is it:

A greeting!

I had more to add to this, but not enough time to do so. Nor enough time for more samples.

The background is just a pic from google.