Challenge #542 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Fire and Ice

Pure Entries

Martin Schurig
Lost in the ice


Fire and Ice

Midnight Martini


Fire and Ice

chilled pepper

With a little Spirit, Fire and Ice can be together… peace!!

Glass : melt down Ice you are not one of us





Non-Competing Entries


Nice collection of works. Can see personal limits being pushed too!

I voted for MrKrabju. It’s a nice, well rounded scene.

There are some truly amazingly artistic entries this week. Wow. Too bad I only had one vote.

Judging by the amazing entries this week, I think I chose a theme people like? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was actually the theme of the first LuxRender competition that I did about 3 years ago :slight_smile:

Having only one vote to cast, mine goes to StealthRox. The beauty and harmony of the scene catched my eye for a long time.

i’m a bit suprised that i am the only one who voted for krabju, the snow material is a bit off, but it is a complete scene which tells a story, and shows a knowledge of composition and form. i think that is worth a lot. not to detract from the other entries though. there are a lot of good ones this week.

Modron, as others have stated there are many entries this week that were capable of obtaining votes. I personally had to choose between 5 of them for my choice and it could have easily gone to MrKrabju.

I agree with your observations on the composition but in particular I like the way he(she) humanized the robot by placing the shawl over it’s shoulders and posed it so it looks like it pulling it tighter giving the impression the robot is feeling the chill. The sky is awesome in that picture and also in Martin Schurig’s entry.

I settled on mik1190’s entry for my vote as I immediately found it clever and funny.

There were a ton of great entries this week. My vote also went to mik1190 because the unique and whimsical play on this weeks theme struck a chord with my personality. Not only did the fire aspect of the theme come from an unexpected source, but it matched the theme phonetically as well. That is to say, with the theme being fire and ice, mik1190 gave us fire “in” ice.
Kudos to everyone.

The winner is SonnySee with 12 of the votes!

Martin Schurig 1 | 2.44%
Staccato 1 | 2.44%
Ryeath 1 | 2.44%
blenderallday 1 | 2.44%
Evivivi 1 | 2.44%
Kidus 3 | 7.32%
mik1190 11 | 26.83%
StealthRox 2 | 4.88%
hydl2a 0 | 0%
SonnySee 12 | 29.27%
p33p 5 | 12.20%
MrKrabju 2 | 4.88%
TazDevyl 1 | 2.44%