Challenge #544 (11/15/13) Entries CLOSED

Theme #544 for November 15 2013 is: My Next Life

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday November 18 2013.

Here’s my entry (pure). It’s rendered in cycles. This is my first time using the Sculpt tool to make something useful…I used to only use it to create random irregular shapes :smiley: So, i guess that’s something new i learnt.
I hope you like it :smiley:

My pure entry: life bit.

A new life is about to be artificially started…and i noticed after render his weird nose :frowning:
Cycles and a tiny bit of freestyle as experiment, screen texture with Inkscape.

I often refer to the time before being married as my other life. So looking back, marriage could be considered a next life as the couple embarks on a new life journey together.

This is a pure entry, rendered in cycles with some minor post processing in Gimp.

I have to admit I was a bit confused by this weeks subject, but immediately an old comedy skit from Saturday Night Live jumped into my mind. Pure entry modeled from scratch in blender, I made all the textures myself in, rendered in cycles 1000 samples with the orb glow, fire and border done post processed in

Hopefully, not my next life!!!

Good night guys.

I just put the text on photoshop “he needed to talk”, the rest is blender internal.

A greeting!

Rendered in cycles

It’s hard to read the text. :frowning: Maybe a light stroke around it, so we can see the words that are being blocked by the cats fur?

Mrkrabju - My first thought when I saw the theme was a cat, but ultimately, my skills aren’t up to par for taking that on just yet. You did a great job, especially on the eyes. I agree with TazDevyl though, it’s very difficult to read the poem.

In my next life, I’m coming back rich.

Here is my non-competing entry: