Challenge #551 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Default

Pure Entries

Whose default is it?

“Default cubes … default cubes everywhere”



“Ancient Default Cube”

Malicious Fiber
You’ve never done this…

“13th micro frame after deleting the default cube”

Default Imminent

Attack Of The Default Cubes

Open Entries

Non-Competing Entries


Guitar (Through the Clean Channel)

RobertT I prefer it with lotsa gain :wink:

When I saw RobertT’s entry my first thought was I wish my playing sounded half as good as his looks.

SomeSilverWings - very nice image, I really like what you did with the cube and digging on the retro look of the spaceship. Looks as though you’re heading for a well deserved victory.

SonnySee - once again you pull off a great image with a minimalist flair. I also wanted to say that I think the sad piggy bank looking at the default notice is way more powerful than had you kept with the shattered look.

mik1190 - I like what you did with the displacement, working the Blender logo into made it stand out.

Brandon_110 - I’m curious as to how you got the icons onto the cubes. Did you take a screenshot of the UI and make a texture out of it?

charlieeamer - I like that picture. It looks like you spent a good amount of time in the compositor with the blur and glare filters. Your stuff is good every time.

Malicious Fiber - That is just too funny. I’ve done that a few times also.

nomeasmo - Interesting thought you have going there. Going to make me think twice before callous deletions next time.

Evivivi - I had a similar thought when I first saw the theme. I had four ideas jump into my head, a default Rubik’s Cube, doing a bunch of sub divisions and extruding to make a cube city scene, turning the cube into the likeness of an M. Escher drawing and huge pile of default cubes with an indication of this is where the default cubes go. Your scene reminds me of that idea but, thanks to nomeasmo, we now know that the default cubes go into oblivion.

MrKrabju - I like your idea, but think I would have used some different textures so Suzanne stands out a little bit more.

Great entries again this week.

A bunch of awesome entires, you guys knocked them out of the park.

De-fault of de-kat gets my vote though, cracked me up.

Cool, SonlenofBlender,





Great work, everyone!

I wish you all a wonderful and creative 2014!


The winner is SomeSilverWings with 12 of the votes!

Ryeath 6 | 18.18%
charlieamer 1 | 3.03%
Brandon_110 4 | 12.12%
mik1190 2 | 6.06%
SomeSilverWings 12 | 36.36%
Malicious Fiber 2 | 6.06%
nomeasmo 3 | 9.09%
SonnySee 1 | 3.03%
Evivivi 2 | 6.06%

Yay thanks for the votes. :slight_smile:

It was very hard to vote this time because everyone made great entrys.

My favorites are Ryeath „Whose default is it?“ because of the funny and inteligent idea and the nice cartoon like render, Brandon_110´s render because of the hardwork and the overall idea, Malicious Fibers „You´ve never done this… because I do exactly this EVERY time :D.

But my vote goes for nomeasmos “13th micro frame after deleting the default cube”.
Because I like the mindplay what happend inside the programm we use so many times and its like I remember every object I deleted till this day and feel a little bit guilty about it. :smiley: