Challenge #553 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Fantasy Creatures

Pure Entries

“Swamp Cobraclops”


The Golden Snitch



"Golden Crested, Triple Bearded Snorkel Dragon


Dobby and a minion.

My mom once a month:



The last low poly Unicorn


A Rare Sighting

The Ooky Monster

Open Entries

Non-Competing Entries

Thunder Bird


You have a really nice sketchbook. Thanks for posting the texturing process. I looked through you videos, you have some nice time lapses, but I didn’t see any that explained how you paint directly onto the mesh. Any chance you know of a tutorial that explains how to do that. I tried texture paint mode once but couldn’t get anything to show up on my model.

Thanks, and good luck. Looks like you have a front runner this week.

glad you like my sketchbook :slight_smile:
a quick google search for texture painting should bring up a lot of good results - here’s one that seems to cover the basics:

Thanks for the link Jeepster.

Not sure what I was doing wrong the first time when I couldn’t get anything to show up. It was a while ago. Looks like the painted image doesn’t save in the blend file either so I guess I need to save the image. I must have made about 30 normal maps before I figured out I had to save the image like doing a render. Most tutorials never mention that part, they just stop at “there is your normal map”. It was driving me nuts.

When I did some test painting this morning I noticed the seam at mirror image point doesn’t get any paint so I had a black line down the middle of my image. Do I need to apply mirror modifier before painting?

One more question if I may, did you do the actual dragon for the Sintel movie? I enjoyed watching your time lapse on that one. I like the way you use a lot of reference images, like when you used the dinosaur skull as a reference to make the head on your dragon.

Ack, rambling on again. Thanks for your help.

Awesome job all!!! It was very hard to make a decision as to whom to vote for.

I will be checking in to the weekend challenge. I hope that it will force me to get better at Blender and work more on it. :slight_smile:

I actually apply the mirror modifier before sculpting, so I’m not too familiar with how to fix that black line problem. I’m guessing you might have to mess around with the island edges of the uv layout…
As far as I’m aware, there’s no easy way to mirror texture painting. You can set up a uv layout where the islands overlap each other, and then bake that to your original layout…but I’m not a huge fan of that work around.
I did the texture painting for this WC without any texture mirroring at all, since it was a pretty simple character

To answer your other question, I did the sculpting for the baby and adult dragon - but the design, base mesh, rig, textures, materials, etc. were done by the rest of the durian team :slight_smile:

The winner is Jeepster with 18 of the votes.

blenderallday 0 | 0%
Hapoofesgeli 0 | 0%
Kidus 0 | 0%
gregzaal 17 | 36.17%
mik1190 4 | 8.51%
Ryeath 1 | 2.13%
macktruck6666 0 | 0%
TazDevyl 0 | 0%
KyDNyK 1 | 2.13%
Jeepster 18 | 38.30%
kub 1 | 2.13%
SonnySee 1 | 2.13%
Drawingisdead 2 | 4.26%
Razc 1 | 2.13%
DRoss 1 | 2.13%

well THAT was close
hopefully y’all will enjoy a gregzaal-inspired theme this weekend

Twas close indeed :wink: though you definitely deserve it Sir Jeepster :slight_smile: cool topic for this weekend btw

And great job overall everyone, some really imaginative stuff!