Challenge #557 (02/14/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #557 for February 14 2014 is: Your country in a nutshell

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday February 17 2014.

i think i’m advantaged for this one :slight_smile:

@dagto Haha! Yeah, a bottle of champagne or wine is a bit easier to do than a gun toting hillbilly in a pickup truck.

This doesn’t need much explanation. Bonus points if you can count all the cliches. Cycles, 333 samples.

I used Ivy gen, import images a planes, cloth sim with pinning, force field (wind), hair systems, screw modifier and a curve modifier for the rope.

“One percent sunset”

Here is my entry:
It is about legos and robots.

Here is my non-competing entry:

Let Freedom Ring


Great job Robert!

Hi all!

Here’s my entry for this week (pure)

South Africa is so diverse that it’s impossible to fit every defining and unique feature of this country into one render. So I took another approach and asked myself what I would miss most about this place if I were to live elsewhere. The answer: Braaivleis, especially boerewors, on a calm evening with a game of rugby:

Translation for people who don’t know SA:
Braaivleis - barbeque, South African style
Boerewors - a type of coarse sausage unique to South Africa
Rugby - A sport played mostly across the southern hemisphere and Europe involving an oblong ball and lots of teeth-jarring tackles (although a non-impact version exists called touch-rugby which is mostly played by groups of friends).

Hope you like it!

Haha had the same thought.

I think it can apply to all countries, anyway here my quicky pure entry: mr. b.

Everything passed by the decimate modifier; i had other ideas but if you can recognize enough quickly the subject it may mean i’m improving with face anatomy/ caricature.

Hope there is no problem with the thumbnail this time :frowning:


I see what you did there, Drawingisdead… Very clever!!!

My country as is right now in a nutshell (pure entry)

Billiant, i was hoping someone would take the theme literally

Germany getting eaten by a nutshell :slight_smile:

rendered in Cycles, post-processing was done in Photoshop
High resolution:

Alot of interesting entries this week d:
I wish i could have made an entry but it’s been pretty busy for me this week d:

I would have just made a Glass cup of milk spilt over with an American flag on the cup d:

Big brother is watching.
Use this one:


This is the first WC I’ve missed since doing my first one (#535). I had all of about 5 minutes of free time this weekend. Great entries as usual, and looking forward to the next challenge.