Challenge #559 (02/28/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #559 for February 28 2014 is: Plastic

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 or 8pm CST, Monday March 03 2014.

When I first saw the theme for this week I thought, eeek, this is not good. Textures will be important this time.
I have yet to get a firm grip on textures beyond the basics, but here is my entry for this week.

cycles, 300 samples. Textures are procedural or images for internet search. Tiny amount of vignette added in

Good luck everyone, looking forward to some great entries.


OK, here goes:

A plastic flower in a plastic flower pot on a plastic windowsill in a plastic house with a plastic garden in a plastic world… (deep gasp for air)… enough plastic yet?

Pure entry. Rendered in cycles at 3000 samples (maybe excessive, but I was out for the night and let it run and chose 3000 to make sure there won’t be any noise with all the shininess and DOF). All materials are procedural. Post-process in Blender.

BI is great for plastic:

suzanne making lunch from oranges that fall from blue pines :wink:

Here is my non-competing entry:


Here’s a link to an interesting article on the topic (and here’s one more if you’d like to continue reading about it).


100% Pure Cycles Entry

Hello everyone
Here’s my entry (pure). Rendered in Cycles.

Good luck everyone!

The Monogram model brings back a lot of memories.

plastic blocks

Pure Entry , Rendered with Cycle

A lost toy soldier. (I think we’ve all lost one of these poor guys in the lawn at one time or another, haven’t we?)

Pure entry, just rendered as a Blender Render (don’t know other styles yet)

Hi. :slight_smile: I’m still a noob, so sorry if I mess this up.

I think I got this sorted out… This is the first time I have used this kind of image attachment (been away from forums in general for forever), so crossing fingers this is the right way to add the image here. Sincerest apologies if I messed up.

I wanted to join in since seeing your theme I got the idea for a toy soldier and so took this as a challenge to finally learn to use Blender’s sculpting tools. I’d seen them, even read about them, but never used them before yesterday.


My entry:

rendered in cycles, post-processing was done in photoshop

high resolution:

Hi again!

this my entry:

A greeting!!

Nice entries all!

Here is my entry, the first time I participate in the weekend challenge. I made this picture rather quickly, I was inspired by plastic things I have in my kitchen. The image is rendered in cycles and no after work so it’s a pure entry. Samples is also low, didn’t have time to do longtime render.

silly straw laboratory

Did 2 versions…this one is better

“Beer Pong”

About a 100 years ago I was one of the top beer pong players on the East Coast.

Here is my pure entry for this week hope you like it guys :slight_smile:

Pure entry rendered in cycles.