Challenge #574 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Front Gate

Challenge #574

Pure Entries

The Castle


The Pearly Gates

Garden Gate

Welcome Back


Forest Gate

Non-competing Entries

Garden Beyond the Gate

Evident Divide

What lies beyond?

Sorry i’m a touch early tonight, but well done to Crymsyn for sneaking it in :wink:

Hi. I was just too late for the pool.

That’s my first post on this forums, and first challenge.

This is my first time using Cycles render, so i don’t know much about it (specially about textures)

I know I was too late for pool, but anyway! this is my project: (pure,rendered in Cycles 500 samples)

Front Door

Um. . . not sure what you mean.

You got it in at last minute :wink:

Wow, a very tough decision, but I ended um with DRoss. I was shocked at his modeling skills. Good job everyone!

Nice job on those clouds Lambrijr. How did you achieve that effect?

i got sidetracked and forgot to upload my entry lol.

oh well! my vote goes to DRoss! fantastic gate!

I started off with a plane, and utilized this simple method for some volumetric clouds. Its nothing more than a few displacement and subsurf modifiers with a volume shader.

Great Job mik1190 my vote goes to you once again.

@ Joey Blendhead: Thank you, This was my second attempt at architecture. Really enjoyed making the molding and crown work.

@ BlenderBeetle: Thank you, The idea is a bit eclectic. I looked at Greek, Roman and modern gates for hours prior to starting.

Emmmm. One question! :confused:
Why most of us used Gold color for our Gates? :smiley:

@ DRoss: thank you! I liked the mood on yours :slight_smile: but i voted for Pouya, especially becouse of the “curved irons” work on the gate, i tried with mine but went out much simpler…

And the winner of Weekend Challenge 574 with over 35% of the votes… is… mik1190!

Here’s to all the great participators…

MrKrabju : 1 : 2.94%
<b>mik1190 : 12 : 35.29%</b>
Lambrijr : 2 : 5.88%
Pouya : 9 : 26.47%
Photox : 4 : 11.76%
DRoss : 6 : 17.65%
modelar : 0 : 0%