Challenge #577 (07/11/14) Entries OPENED

Theme #577 for Friday 11th of July 2014 is: PENDING

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 14th of July 2014.

:spin: someone should have nudged or even moaned, oops :wink:

Could we get a little clarification, are you still waiting for the theme from Mr. Krabju, or is the theme “pending”?

no, pending isn’t the theme. if mr krabju doesn’t submit a theme in time, standard procedure is to draw from an old one.

Thanks Modron.

Just for fun, here’s a pending entry… pending a theme. :smiley:


Some weeks ago happened the same and i even spent some time thinking a image with that theme after realizing the meaning :smiley:
Waiting this week theme…

My pure entry “pending mousetrap”. Sorry for low resolution but SSS renders very slowly on my CPU.
I have read that “If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday at 2230 GMT, the organiser will select the theme.” so how we can still wait for mrKrabju theme after 12.07.2014 which is saturday? And read first post “Theme #577 for Friday 11th of July 2014 is: PENDING”. I assume that mrKrabju didn’t give theme on Thursday and organiser selected it thats why pending word has been written with bolded letters.

Here is the image.

heres my entry if its still pending?

Yep the theme is pending but not actually pending if you see what I mean!

Still no theme, but i’m quite liking the entries so far… so just enter what you want from what you did this weekend, next time i’ll draw one from the olds, but its been an odd week for me too… An’ as they say, its not always the destination that’s the important bit, its the journey :wink: Have fun…