Challenge #585 (09/05/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #585 for Friday 5th of September 2014 is: Force of Nature

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 8th of September 2014.

Here is my pure entry:
1000 samples and 6h of rendering.


“The Sea Taketh”

Cycles. 400 samples.

this is all blender 50 samples

the forest healer

“Delicate Erosion”

Pure. The famous Delicate Arch in a beautiful low-poly format!

My non-competing entry:



Photox, i would really like to see how you made that as i want to do something similar in my bismarck project.

Ocean modifier resolution ~18, apply it
Shape key, proportional edit to make a wave shape. Extrude the edges down and make a manifold “block” of water. (To make the wave smaller, you can lower the shape key value)
The wave itself is mostly light green glass, mixed with diffuse white by mixing two black and white texture masks of sea foam.
I also made a vertex color mask which makes the top of the wave have less foam, and be more glass
There is a seafloor plane below it, dark blue/green diffuse.
The top is 2 particle systems of low poly solidified uvspheres mixed randomly with glass and some white diffuse and emission, the emission is quite fake but somehow it looked better. The simple particle children are keyframed on their radius to look as if they are moving outward.
The whole wave object is keyframed on 1 and 10 to move a little, and there is tiny motion blur and dof. There is a compositing node for lens distortion, which you can see at the corners. I painted a tiny bit more white on the foam in photoshop, but the render is virtually identical.
The focal length is quite low, 25.
It’s all GPU friendly materials.

I can’t figure out why the file is so large, I mean it must be the particles, but there aren’t that many. Have a look if you like. You can do whatever you want with it, including using it any scenes with or without credit.

Wave Blend on Dropbox.(53 MB ???) Oops, layer 2 should not be visible, that’s the foam particle.

The background sky (barely visible) is just some sky I googled, and the foam masks I made from googled images. You’d need to rent a helicopter to get the camera angle for them to look right. But they are heavily clone stamped and have different levels and are now greyscale (although they may actually be saved as rgb, I forget)

If you are planning on trying to make a wave that moves, I would recommend a much different workflow than this static shot.

The file is really big because you have particles systems. My folders when i was playing with the fire simulation got up to several hundred megs. If you apply the particle system in the modifier panel, I think it applies only one frame and discards the rest. The file would be much smaller then.

I was thinking of having sea foam follow in the wake of the ship and have the water spraw at shell water impacts.

Flooded - Pure/Competing Entry

Cycles - 500 samples - 15-20 minutes

My entry:
Full resolution:

Rendered in Cycles, post-processing was done in Gimp. The character was made in MakeHuman.

(Death) BR, Cycles and PS - Pure

I went with something subtle, more o less as Zachman: “ice wedging” , pure entry.

Did also an animation, more o less a timelapse of the phenomenon (i don’t know if is enough “accurate” as i did, not much references on the web):

Well, it took a lot of time rendering; much more than modeling, etc :).

mik1190 I was going to try something similar this week but just didn’t have the time. Yours looks great!

@Zachman: I like the render style, is that with blender internal?

@@mik.a: That’s really neato, what did you use to make the moss?

Great entries so far! I wish I can join, but I am busy with school.

@ SonnySee: thank you!
@ marKutar: the moss was very simple, just some curved planes, then distribuited with hair particles, maybe 50k in total.
Also material is simple (the 3 greens uses the same node setup, just slightly different color), i could add more color randomness, etc…here a screen:

It is with Cycles. Thanks!