Challenge #589 (10/03/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #589 for Friday 3rd of October 2014 is: Adrift

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 6th of October 2014.

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Sorry guys, I thought I replied to rarebits pm yesterday with a new topic, but I apparently sent nothing out. I asked that the topic be:

Hopefully rarebit can make it official today.

Hmm i never knew this word was a thing…

Literal (floating on water) : (of a boat or its passengers) floating without being either moored or steered.

Figurative (lost) : (of a person) without purpose or guidance; lost and confused. * From Google.

Take as loose a definition as you want, there doesn’t need to be obvious direct link to the theme.

this is a good one :slight_smile:
dont know if i can finish my scene in 3 days or not.
takes me 4 to make the model im going to make.
might cut corners to get done.
all i can do is try.

ok i’m rendering my scene but i looked up definition and i’m kind of :confused:

1.(Nautical Terms) floating without steering or mooring; Drifting
2. without purpose; aimless
3. off course or aimless

my scene might not coincide with what your looking for

Cycles pure. 500 samples and minor compositing. Border added post in

Good luck everyone, looking forward to some great entries.


“Drift course ad”, pure entry.
Okay, maybe i went too far to the theme and from what i understood the scoring is numerical…anyway here it is:

“Lost Balloon”
Pure Entry

Not too much time this weekend.
The new painting features in Blender 2.72 are fantastic!

heres my entry
“Camaro Adrift”
500 samples
everything is blender but, the background image and, the red and white strips.

Full resolution:

Rendered in Cycles, post-processing was done in Gimp. The hand is a photo.

Paper Boat

Hey there :) Here is my pure entry for this week's competition. It was rendered in cycles with 1000 samples. Hope you like it.

Zachman, I am really happy about the line and curve stroke tools. Now the painting tools are so much more complete.

Rendered in cycles, postprocessing in blender and gimp


Here is my non-competing entry:



Fishing Trip

Everyone’s renders are great. Here is mine

Pure - Rendered in Cycles

“Message Adrift”