Challenge #590 (10/10/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #590 for Friday 10th of October 2014 is: …folklore!

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 13th of October 2014.

awesome theme. woot.

do we have to tell a the story for our scene because some folklores might not be known by some?

@Midnightcpu isn’t it every images goal to tell a story ? つ ◕_◕ つ

yup, but my render has a long story behind it and a single image cant tell the story:)

it would be like doing a robin hood scene shooting an arrow through the air to hit a squirl.
what would be his reason for doing it?
was he hungry, board, giving to the needy?
why did he do what he did?

or making a scene of bigfoot walking through the woods.
what was his/her motovation to walk?:slight_smile:

their would be alot of Q’s for folklore

An image can tell a lot, you should read some books on how composition works. It’s sometimes all about how you arrange your scene (like left to the right implies going into the future etc…). Just a basic application of the rule of thirds should do the trick :slight_smile:

ok i’ll just tell you folklore i’m doing.

its a story about a squire whos father is in the process of passing away but he has to got to the kings court as a servent
and he listens to all the adventureus stories that all the knights have to tell but the king is not moved buy their stories.
well one after noone the squires father is deathly ill and the docter tells him he has to spind as much time with him as possabe.
instead of going to the Kings court like he was suppose to, he stayed buy his fathers side untill he passed.
after the father passes the squire goes to the kings court but slowly enters
the kings orders the squire to stand before him and the king explains that being late to the kings court is punishable by beheading.
the squire explaines to the kings crying to him about his father.
the king seaming some what moved by the squires story orders him to nill before him the Knights believing this to be the end.
the kings tells the squire that he knows the punishment for being late the king draws his sword and layes it upon the squires shoulder
and says but yet you chose to stay buy your fathers side till his passing this is the bravest act anyone could have ever done
now rise sir Knight.

my scene tacks place in the castle and it cant tell the story alone:)

heres my entry
“The Brave Squire”

Tooth Fairy

Popsicle stick God’s Eyes.

(Necronomicon) Cycles 200, Pure

Good entries everyone.

I tried to do a jackalope for this weeks entry, but it was my first attempt at using hair particle and the results were not fit for public exposure.

Once again I managed to get my project about 90 percent done but not in time for the contest. Even still, I tried some new things and was able to learn something. Great entries so far.

Hi everyone!
This is my entry for this week. Hope proverbs are okay :smiley:
Rendered in Cycles and a little post processing in the Compositor.

The Tomte is reused from the Blender Guru, Christmas Competition, but the rest is specially built for this image and this competition. Textures, some of them my own and some borrowed (all around on the internet)
Blender 2.71 Cycles render , 200 samples and some minor touch ups with Corel Painter.

Here is my non-competing entry:

A Tale of the Raven and the Lights

Inspired by Native American tales about the Raven’s quest for light.

For further reading…

The Journal of American Folklore (via “Tales from Kodiak Island, II: Light”

How Raven brought light to the World - A Haida Legend


i’m going to have to start reading my book on compositing so i can work with the background ajustments and make my scenes look better.:slight_smile:
i forgot the characters in my scene are make human but the clothes were modeled off of them.
didnt feal like sculpting and modeling this week:D


All textures mouse painted (after several bugs i didn’t refined them much…) except the moon background from personal photos.