Challenge #592 (10/24/14) Entries CLOSED

Theme #592 for Friday 24th of October 2014 is: Candy

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 27th of October 2014.

Yay, candy, bump.

this one is going to be redonkuless.
got an idea in my head but going to take alot of work.

That’s the second candy theme in a year °O°

But who’s counting, the only thing more popular is Lego

Behold: the chocolate bar.
A couple textures were made in GIMP and I got a normal map for the foil off of Google Images, so I think that keeps it clean.
It has a story behind it :eyebrowlift:
Little 5 year old timmy finally saved up his allowance to go buy a chocolate bar, so he goes to get one with his mom. When he gets home, he starts eating it, but then he realizes he should save some of his hard-earned chocolate for later. So, in his toddler ignorance, he sets it on the windowsill and goes out to play, thinking he will come back and have some more later.
I have higher resolution versions: (1920X1080) (2560X1440)

So long till I have had even opened blender, what great fun :slight_smile:

198 verts with quite a few mods per jelly baby.

I do wish I got the material of the jelly beans correct, bit disappointed with it but even tests it takes ages to load/test. Additionally any modifications I have done to full renders haven’t been worse I need to get hang of cycles.

Tada! a Himhe’s chocolate bar!
A couple textures were made in GIMP, and I got a normal map off the web. I
I have higher resolution versions: (1920X1080) (2560X1440)
Whoops, looks like I posted duplicates. Could someone delete this one?

Whoops I posted duplicates -_-

“Sno Storm”

Been getting more interested in toon shaders. Cycles toon, mist pass, compositing. The downsampling looks awful, higher res looks a lot better.

“candy dreams”
1000 samples
the box explains it all:spin:
the table is a stuffed ghram cracker

Jellybeans, yay

Peace doesn’t last forever, and heartbreaking wars can break out even in worlds made of sugar.

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Pure entry. Rendered in Cycles.

“candies in Candy”

The microwave it’s from a kitcken appliances company really called “Candy” .
Little corrections in Gimp, i guess can be pure entry.

Awesome entries, how does anyone find the time…

Some really great entries here:o

2 words: Particle systems.

I really need to learn how to use those.

They are really powerful and not very tough to use. There really are some great ones this week.

@Dan-r has submitted a gem, it’s kind of the antithesis of my “sunshine-lollipops/gumdrop rainbow” entry.

Currently he has my vote.