Challenge #593 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: to give life to an inanimate object

Challenge #593

Pure Entries

Jack doesn’t understand why nobody will give him candy!


A Tribute


Be Our Guest!


street phone celler

Plaque Belt


Non-competing Entries

Help Desk


Some great entries this week, really made me smile, especially yours again Photox :wink:

That wallet doing a runner is excellent!

xy.exe, I really like the materials you made for you your little pet there.

I had no time, but that’s it! xD
Just to show!

These are great renders hard to decided who to vote for.

So many great entries this week. Had to vote for photox for the originality and humor.

I voted for the wallet! hehehehehe

Every animated objects look a bit like this --> °O° , funny.

This is, once again, a case where I sorely wish that I had more than one vote. :smiley:

It is so much fun to see what people come up with, when the description of the challenge invites creative responses “from the sublime to the absurd.” (I find absurdity … sublime. And did I mention “puns?” “Aarrgghh!”)

Great works
Vote for mik1190

Mik’s is absolutely hilarious and an incredible job texturing too.

it’s going to be a close one between xy.exe, mik1190, and Rachel…good luck to you guys.
(edit) @gakos a good late entry…I put mine up with about a minute to spare…it was pretty dicey.

Thanks everyone…Photox: i like the visual style of yours but i don’t understand exactly the scene, what is the red thing?

It’s supposed to be tooth paste.

I’m happy that there are so many great entries, many of them made me laugh. I had a blast making my entry and I hope everyone else did. I’m sorry yours could not be in the contest Gakos, I like it. :slight_smile:

And the winner of Weekend Challenge 593 with over 27% of the votes… is… mik1190!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Rachel : 11 : 25.58%
TearLace : 0 : 0%
DRoss : 1 : 2.33%
<b>mik1190 : 12 : 27.91%</b>
SonnySee : 1 : 2.33%
xy.exe : 10 : 23.26%
Midnightcpu : 0 : 0%
Photox : 4 : 9.30%
Modron : 4 : 9.30%