Challenge #62 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Inside

Pure Entries

rndrdbrian [list:666ec1994c]
A surrealists view of The Inside

this’ll do for now. Thought I’d have more done by now, turns out Im actually lazier than I thought
Used Zblur plugin and 2.28a. Also used afterglow plugin…no just kidding…

“On the inside” is a hard topic to twist to be about ships, and there are many problems with this image. Of course the water

is too dark and the fire looks fake, as does the rifling of the barrel of the cannon. This is not to mention the lack of

shadows on the water and the fact that the top of the cannon barrel cuts off an important view of the smoke. Beside all this,

I think it’s pretty good. 100% Blender for the render itself, gimp was used for the black & white border / text / etc… Vote

for me.

okay, here’s the entry. quick and cheesy.

Pure. 100% blender

My entry gives a more machanical spin on the inside of the human body.

yea, its nice to finish something, this isnt done yet, but go ahead and check it out, C&C please

It’s actually supposed to be a little dragon. Everything new, everything blender, everything pure.
And… took me a little more than 10 minutes.

A nice old ship in a bottle
It don’t need further explanation I think.

if anybody knows what this is, he/she gets two gallons of oxygen for free!!

After Jason and Jeanna get inside the alien fortress and download information necessary to save their world, they momentarily

lose sight of how to get out…

It’s pretty self-explanatory. I think the way a calculator does what it does is amazing considering it’s made out of

materials like plastic and metal. I hope this image puts across the point well. I hope you all like it as I’ve put in quite a

lot of time and effort.


Oh no! My computer’s clock has falled behind. :x Mine still says quarter to. Please please can I enter my pic now? I’ve worked so hard on it. :frowning: I’ll upload it now and post it in the entries thread. I hope you’ll add it. :expressionless:


ok, just post in the entry thread and I’ll add it.


Thanks for adding it. :smiley:

nico, i think you really have this one sewn up already. Bloody great entry.

Sorry everyone else, but it looks really great. Just picked a bad week i guess.

I hate to be the only person not voting for nico, but dante’s definately deserves my vote :wink:

ack damn! my goal was getting 0 votes!
nooooooo… who was the blind one who voted for me? :wink:

eh maybe someone thought he was voting for the mythology contest :wink:


Ehheh :slight_smile:
Perhaps it was someone who saw your image before you crappified it :wink:

jamesAmi got my vote… just because it’s so deep inside of something, I just have to love it.

and, there is coffee.


@ndy, the best way not to get any votes is to not enter :wink: BTW, who DID end up winning the mythology SMC? I wonder…:wink:


Nice entries all good job Nico :smiley:

well done nico :smiley:

I just love that little dragon baby Nico. Amazing. Just amazing.

No way in hell I’m winning this.

Actually, Scottish, you had my vote for originality, but I am working on a dragon myself(albeit an adult) and Nico’s usage of texture blew me away. Call me “biased”. Perhaps Nico could let us in on his texturing style (hint, hint)… :smiley:

ScottishPig, you got my vote - I like the idea, the camera angle (well, camera angle IS the idea), and the drama of your pic :slight_smile:

Though I do like JamesAmI’s picture too - it has a story. That is good.


I’m not sure why @ndy is doing what he’s doing, as I don’t visit often enough/read all his posts or know him personally… but am I wrong in thinking he has been affected by other blender users giving the usual “oh no @ndys entering” or “@ndy spunk spunk god” comments… twist them around how you like or just search or remember…

if you’re getting abit annoyed or withdrawn from your normal blender community… or post c…

look… just upload what you like @ndy… if you think your being singled out somehow then maybe send your entry in AFTER the deadline… or just keep away from the contest forum for abit…

I don’t wish to get burnt, but lay off andy some of you!

I have been told that the file size on my image is extremely big. Could theeth or anyone else who is authorized please update my entry. It just needs to be changed from .png to .jpg. It has a much lower file size and it will load much faster. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :smiley:


yeah, nico’s texturing is good, but I love the way he did the lighting: a little cool on one side, warm on the other… and the overall design sets it apart: very simple, yet there’s allot to see. and there’s great approximate symmetry going on. excellent work.

I, on the other hand, rushed and didn’t add the things that would have made the “story” easier to understand: A hospital logo on the mug, Text on the screen perhaps bearing the name of a famous blender head, The tumor placed inside an MRI image of a head…

There was great work this week. good competition everyone.

BTW, What happened to the mandatory “Pure” or “Open” declaration?
Some spend many hours, pour their soul into their work, while some recycle work or use other modelers, renderers… Required disclosure, would make this easier to judge fairly.