Challenge #629 (10/7/15) Entries OPEN

Theme #629 for Friday 10th of July 2015 is: Undiscovered Fungus, Plant, Tree, Vegetable, Fruit, …

Entry closes at 22:30 GMT or 16:30 CST, Monday 13th of June 2015.

Noncompeting pure entry

“Valley Berry”
Cycles. 4000 samples.

Did you model those individually, or how did you generate all the individual berries? It looks really nice!

Thanks. I modeled one berry, and then an array on x axis with merge enabled. That makes a long row. I applied it, made another array on z with the berry shifted slightly on x, to make a diamond pattern, and applied that array. Another array of the two rows on z only, to make a wall of berries. A curve modifier, using a bezier circle to wrap them into a cylinder, then a lattice modifier to make the overall shape. Apply everything, proportional edit, and alt s to scale on normals. Then some multir res sculpting. The fruit itself took less than 30 minutes, most of the time I was just playing with nodes.

@ photox
thats great! I sometimes ask myself if users of other 3D Software know about the power of blender… Happy to see Work and Art like yours and how fast it can be done if you know how to use blender.


REndered in Cycles
Pure Entry
1000 samples

Piet, thanks. Using a modifier stack is definitely one of the most powerful things in blender.

Ronald, great entry, welcome.

I did :slight_smile: looks a bit like your avatar. like it :slight_smile:

Rendered in Cycles, post processed with Compositing nodes, 1000 samples.


Hi, this is my first entry ever. Hello, community! :slight_smile:

@photox ,thanks ,i like your entry super realistic :slight_smile:
@piet haha really, BTW thanks :slight_smile:

Pure Entry “Water Apples”

Gumberries of the Treeshroom Forsest

Hello, PURE entry “bioluminescent mushroom”
What is the next week theme Photox?

Here is updated version. I wasn’t sure i would make it on time.

Cycles 400s.

Here is my non-competing entry:

Flowers Yet to Be Defined

Pure Blender.


that is some heavy duty foliage Robert.

Here’s my entry.

“Eat it?!”

Pure Entry

My first entry! :slight_smile:

Why non competing? Btw, care to give a rundown on the approach? Was it a goal from the start or happy experiment? What was the principal steps? Very nice and artistic.

CarlG this is Roberts statement regarding his usual non-competing status: