Challenge #641 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Abnormal contraptions

Challenge #641

Pure Entries

Plug Blaster 3000

The Ultra Super Awesome Skateboard


Get Jerry Out


Non-competing Entries

The Critic

Mechanica Mysterium

@Ryeath: I really like the idea and structure of this.
@Eyalmu: Good coloring, composition, lighting, and concept.
@Helge: This looks pretty good, but I don’t get the name or what it’s supposed to do.
@RobertT: This is one of my favorites from you. Really good coloring, lighting, and detail. Could I see a veiwport render, and what was the render time?

I’m still not sure which one to vote for.

GPS14: Thank you. Here’s a 3D view. Around 20 minutes render time.


@GPS14: Actually I’m not completely sure what that abnormal thing does. But maybe it turns harmless green creatures into those evil “magic tree” car air ‘refreshers’. Regarding the title: I was watching “Be Kind Rewind” a few day ago and the line “Keep Jerry Out” still jumped around in my head. So I called the green guy Jerry, hoping someone would free him before it is to late :wink:

I vote RobertT with my non-competing imaginary vote

Nice entries guys!

@helge I didn’t understand what is it, so messy. Is that the purpose of it?
@Ryeath Nice one! When I saw heard about the theme I immediatly though about crazy stuff like this but I couldn’t get too crazy like you. Good job.

for anyone not getting what helge’s entry is about, it’s the whole point, a contraption is supposed to be overly complicated, sometimes with no clear purpose. And on top of that, add absurd to it.

Very nice entries.
@Photox, Very impresive and creative. I really liked it.

Well English is not my main language and google said it means “abnormal inventions”. Than my work this time doesn’t exactly fit to the theme, nvm Im happy with it anyway :slight_smile:

@RobertT: Only twenty minutes? I was expecting a few hours, although I assumed it was cycles at first. Good work!

Actually, I had to look up the word myself… And you are right, it is messy on purpose. If I had the time, I would have thrown even more stuff in there :wink:

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 641 with bang on 50% of the votes… is… Helge!

Here’s to all the great participators…

Ryeath : 5 : 35.71%
eyalmu : 2 : 14.29%
fcharr : 0 : 0%
<b>Helge : 7 : 50.00%</b>
3dnotguru : 0 : 0%


Get Jerry Out

Thanks for the votes and good job everyone!
Let’s see if we will have more entries next time.
On that note: Where is everyone?

Congrats on the win Helge, though I may never again be able to look at my Little Trees air freshener without a guilty conscious.

BTW, just noticed the BWC list in your signature. Very nice.

@helge Your contraption is a clear as daylight to me :slight_smile: it takes some input from my toilet and puts out “Arbre Magique” to put up in my car to get a good smell… You need a captured alien to make the transformations…

now i know why after a while they smell like poo :slight_smile:

@Ryeath: Don’t feel bad. It could just as well be the other way around: Evil green creatures eating the poor little trees which fight back by trying to blow up the baleful contraption :slight_smile:

Regarding the BWC-Theme signature, I complied that list some weeks back and kept updating it each week. It is fun to scroll through the list and apart from that it might help everyone who tries to find a new theme which hasn’t been there before.

@Napivo: That might also be a valig explanation :wink: