Challenge #663 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Polar

Challenge #666

The Adventures of Fluffy the Penguin

Pure Entries


Cosplay Up North

Absolute Zero





Beach Weather

Journey to the pole

Nice & simple


The Other Side

Cold War



Non-competing Entries


As the Ice Thins

@rarebit: There you are! I was starting to think someone was holding you captive just to get a little more time… :slight_smile:

On that note, I think mrjimmy planned to enter the last version he posted yesterday:

RobertT’s As the Ice Thins is the winner in my opinion, despite being a non-competing entry

Yeah that’s my entry, I should not have posted WIP shots XD

Oh well… Anywho even though it’s too late to enter I did do an updated render :smiley:

Nice to see you successfully fought the noise and the image finally cleared up. This is looking much better now. Nice job!

Regarding the WIP:
Posting preliminary images a good idea and it is always interesting to see the progress which is made over the weekend. It also helps people to avoid working on the same idea. :slight_smile:

But as rarebit stated last week:

I guess this is connected to what happened to your entry. So, please keep entering images, keep posting updates and keep having fun!

Thankyou! The image is missing a bunch of things and isnt really finished by a long shot but oh well, it’s something! Also I’ll just keep that in mind for future, I’m just glad to have done some kind of art project again

Hi, apologies, t’was my Birthday, still can’t see properly 8D

happy birthday.

probably explains why my entry was delegated to oblivion. :eek:

Happy Birthday.

No biggie, glad I got to do art again :smiley:

Yours is always slippery for some reason, 1 in 10 your there…???

And… The winner of Weekend Challenge 663 with a close 20% of the votes… is… Nacconotnacho!

Here’s to all the great participators…

mrjimmy : 0 : 0%
Gordi : 1 : 3.33%
fcharr : 0 : 0%
Modron : 1 : 3.33%
eyalmu : 2 : 6.67%
GPS14 : 2 : 6.67%
YAFU : 1 : 3.33%
MDO2010 : 1 : 3.33%
3dnotguru : 5 : 16.67%
Roken : 1 : 3.33%
DoriNori : 2 : 6.67%
<b>Nacconotnacho : 6 : 20.00%</b>
Photox : 3 : 10.00%
robrsparks : 4 : 13.33%
SonnySee : 1 : 3.33%


The Other Side

Curious as to why that would be. I don’t know anything about how websites or forums work. I just reduce my images to <200k jpeg then load to the Blender Artists website and then go to advanced, manage attachments to put in the thread.

Although I notice my images say attached thumbnail, but I don’t see that on other entries.

Grats to nacconotnacho, I was one of your votes.

My guess would be that the images in the attachments don’t get picked up if the post itself doesn’t have any images.

Congratulations on the win nacconotnacho.

You got to remember that I wrote this script, its nothing to do with vBulletin, I think its something to do with not including some wrappers dependant on if there’s a title or not, I’ll get around to that and the rules, some day…

Congratulations Nacconotnacho! And Happy Birthday rarebit! :slight_smile: