Challenge #68 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Objects In Disguise

Pure Entries

sonix [list:27c537bb1b]
I have interpretted this slightly differently to everyone else I think, but this is a ‘Peace Keeper’, hopefully you’ll agree

it’s an object in disguise.

For the people who really don’t see it, cause it is in disguise,
it’s a papertowel. :smiley:

Here’s my pure entry called “The better to eat you with,” which is what the wolf, disguised at Red Riding Hood’s grandmother,

says to Red Riding Hood when she comments on the size of her grandmother’s teeth.

Carrots, handbags, cheese, toilets, russians, planets, hamsters, weddings, poets, stalin, kuala lumpur, pygmies, budgies,

kuala lumpur…

Man, that is so evil. I watched it at least a dozen times, and now its stuck in my head. I’ve seen things! I’ve seen them

with my eyes! I’ve seen things, they’re often in disguise! Like carrots, handbags, cheeses!

I have not participated for a while, but time to correct that err… Pure entery

He’s the avenger, that redeems those who have done wrong…
He’s the night surronding us…
He’s the law there, where is none…
He’s the greatest son of the greatest of nations…

he is…

Captain Carrot

I call this work “Ralph and the Strawberry”
Ralph felt he would be a lot more terrifying if he didn’t have to walk with a strawberry. Happy Halloween.

heres my entry,

its absolutely PURE, 100% procedurals, no PP, and yea, hope you like!

Well, since Blender is getting to do more and more of all the 3D work in my studio right now, here’s a little joke with the

high-end 3D packages…

Smoky Joe
I decided to try something a little more “abstract”…
It’s black, it’s an object, and it’s in disguise. What do you call it? BOBBLEHEAD!

I call this one: Banana with Sunglasses

Enos Shenk
I dont know why im bothering…This is piss-poor.

In my entry you see an ordinary desk turn into a night club for pencils. Strictly no pens allowed! But here we have a pen

trying to disguise himself as a pencil so he can get in. He didn’t get in and he never tried again. Some say he was too

nervous. The doorman blamed the terrible paint job.

Open Entries

rogerm3d [list:27c537bb1b]
Finally in night illegal stock heaps enjoy drifting.
Everybody told me that it was a fast car, even a race car, but I saw through that disguise.:stuck_out_tongue:

Non-Participating Entries

This piece represents the struggle of the middle class disguised beneath many layers of unobliging rebellion and ineptitude.

It has also been interpreted in many circles as a metaphor for the troubled youth of the disco age, dealing with a life of

sin (depicted as a fruitless tree) as compared to a life of sophistication and prudence (embodied by the tea cup). The hues

chosen by the artist reflect an overall mood of sorrow and hesitant tranquility as well as evoking a patient, yet

vacillating, sentimentality. The asking price is $55,000.


This was a fun theme to work on, and a lot of cool entries. Here is my top three.

#3 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: three-dee - I love the cartoon look, and very funny scene. I’ve been in that club, rough crowd.

#2 :smiley: :smiley: Enos Shenk- Great idea, I was so upset when I saw that, I was like why the hell didn’t I think of that. I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself I thought the modeling and texture was great.

#1 :smiley: Robertt- My vote went for Robertt this week. Just the coloring alone was enough to get my vote, I love the texturing, and detail. The modeling was great to, overall it had a very warm vibe. Great job.

I voted for Robertt, because he really went the extra mile, and it looks awesome. My second choice would have been Enos. (btw, DeSoto, that is some really nice lighting.) Many good entries. I wish I had more votes to pass around.

Must vote for chaosnil…That was TOO FUNNY! The taped-on mouth made my day.

Thanks Modron and Wu!! That scene ate up my entire weekend, so I’m relieved people like it :smiley: Sleep deprivation accounts for the extra details in there :wink:


I’m so totally sick of seeing monkey’s heads popping up in renders… but this time it was kinda cool. Nice groucho-marx sorta look. =)

Those blender menkies(sic) should come up with a pig instead of a monkey for 2.30. =)

Robertt, your work is way too cool. I really should start to put more time into my own enteries in the future.

Good work all of you.

Desoto - nice BS. Can’t vote for you though…

My vote went to sonix, the idea’s cool, and the modeling rocks.

Bless you, Hippie :slight_smile: Your Captain Carrot was funny and well done. I like the camera angle too.


I really like Robertt’s and Wu’s, but Chaosnil’s entry made me laugh (I have a thing for toasters), so it gets my vote.

Darn…I gotta start giving my entries more effort…this one was just plain rushed!

RobertT if you don’t win, I hack this site :wink:
Seriously, you’ve been close to victory several times lately and now you deserve the victory(at last)
Good job every one.
Next time I might be in (I couldn’t participate this time because of a nasty virus:()

Thanks so much, IgorSandman! Get well soon. :slight_smile:


Well done to everyone who entered. Nice work. :slight_smile: It looks like I have gotten all the votes I’m going to get so to those who did, thanks for voting for me. :slight_smile:

Robertt, it isn’t really a object, but it looks good and it has loads of detail so… you were going to win anyway…
three-dees entry was more on-toppic but, it looks a bit empty. Still a nice idea :wink:

thx also the people who voted for me :smiley:

Yeah, in the description I said I would have liked to have made it more complete. I ran out of time though. :frowning:

Hi BackiZ. Well “object” is one of those highly interpretable and debatable words, but if we want to go strictly by dictionary definitions Merriam-Webster ( defines it as “something material that may be perceived by the senses.” That could literally be anything :smiley: Certainly people are familiar with the phrases “object of my desire” and “sex object” so :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way I voted for three-dee.

Everyone did a nice job, especially Hippie, Wu, sonix and three-dee.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me :slight_smile:


Thanks robertt. :slight_smile: Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

YES!! 3 votes, thats my record, good job robbert! good job three-dee!

now to win it next weekend! pick a good topic robertt

Thanks, skeletor :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of voting time left, so I’m not sure of anything. If I do win I’ll try to pick something good and extremely open to interpretation in hopes we get a bunch of participants for the next WC. We’ll see…