Challenge #7 Entries (28 June 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Theme #7 for 28 June 2002 is: magical/fantasy
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 31 June 2002.

The current rules (unchanged this week) can be found here:

A form to help make well formatted entries can be found here.

Good luck!

(pofo) #2


(blengine) #3

placeholder #2! gah! im too slow to ever get the first spot! :x

actually, i think im out…i got a great project sketched, but i just dont feel like making it…lol… hmm, maybe if i get flashed with inspiration adn start the damn thing tonite ill b back in =D we’ll see what happens

(@ce) #4


sorry…I had to let that out
I’m very sure that this week will be a interesting weekend, cause first we are limited by nature…but now…we are limited by magic and fantasy. In other words…we dont have any limits, except for our imagination :smiley:

did anyone get that? :-? :stuck_out_tongue:

(theeth) #5

100% Blender Pure entry in mushroom forest



(bogbean) #6

The fox fairies of Seiperomtae

Pure All done in Blender. Used just procedural textures and plugin textures - none of that cheating photo stuff! :smiley:

(snailrose) #7

Headquarters…All made in blender… for the blurring I used the Z-blur plugin…

(copy and paste)

(pofo) #8

You people are finished before I even start :o

  1. pofo

(ectizen) #9

There seems to be a problem with the URL part of your entry - that’s the shortest geocities link I’ve ever seen!

snailrose: thanks for putting that on a page :smiley: I’ll match your extra effort, and provide a thumbnail for you during voting :slight_smile:

Entries so far are looking good!
Unfortunately, I won’t be entering this week (not that that’ll affect the outcome :stuck_out_tongue: ) - the only idea I was able to come up with was so very, very wrong :frowning:

(ScottishPig) #10

Uhmmm… or

however, the latter is my server and oftimes down or slow… :frowning:

(JarellSmith) #11

The correct URL for theeth’s entry is:

Maybe theeth can correct the link in his message. :slight_smile:

(theeth) #12

thanks for telling me. It’s corrected now.

ScottishPig: a flying boat! How surprising! :wink:


(billythekid) #13

my first attempt at a weekend contest… textures made using gimp… I love free programs! this is a homage to the Hobbit and shrek.

(copy and paste)

(LohnS) #14

well if i can make it by tomorrow i’m in =D

i have a lot of studying to do (at least 8 hours a day, but i got an idea, so i’ll see how i go.


(Tommy5) #15

My first weekend challenge entry

pure blender


(ectizen) #16

ScottishPig: Is that a Pure entry, or is it Open?

(Zweistein) #17

Every weekend, i am too lazy to make anything for the weekend contest.
This time it wasn t other… But i decided to make a very fast pic. It took me about 10 Minutes :wink: So here it is.


(pofo) #18

Couldn’t use my computer for most of today so I didn’t really finish. I entered anyway with less than two minutes to spare. Didn’t even have time for a good render :frowning:

Great entries everyone, will be a hard vote

  1. pofo

(ectizen) #19

:-? By my watch, there’s still about 20 minutes til entries close. What timezone are you in? And what time (your time) did you think entries closed?

I gave up on my entry about half an hour ago :frowning: I really needed another hour to finish…

(pofo) #20

didn’t it close at 2300 gmt?
that should be at 2400 here in Sweden unless I’m mistaken