Challenge #7 Voting - CLOSED

This week’s theme: magical/fantasy

Pure Entries
pofo[list:7826166575]There’s definitely something magical about mushrooms, I think it’s the way they’re so fun to do with subsurfs :wink:

theethTreasure in mushroom forest
100% Blender Pure entry

bogbeanThe fox fairies of Seiperomtae
Pure All done in Blender. Used just procedural textures and plugin textures - none of that cheating photo stuff! :smiley:

Pure All made in blender… for the blurring I used the Z-blur plugin…


Uhmmm… or
however, the latter is my server and oftimes down or slow… :frowning:

billythekidmy first attempt at a weekend contest… this is a homage to the Hobbit and shrek.
Pure textures made using gimp… I love free programs!

Tommy5My first weekend challenge entry
pure blender

ZweisteinEvery weekend, i am too lazy to make anything for the weekend contest.
This time it wasn t other… But i decided to make a very fast pic. It took me about 10 Minutes :wink: So here it is.


Good luck everyone!

It’s going to be very difficult to choose a winner - which is just the way we like it! :smiley:

Hih! I really like the Pofo’s tower, it looks so… plastic :smiley:

I really like BogBean’s pic, very colorful and artsy.


snailrose has definitely got it goin on! 8)
that pic rocks and has got my vote :smiley:

Tommy5’s pic has a great mood! I think
the spiky castle in the background is a
little distracting, but you got my vote!


P.S. Make a thumbnail next time you enter.

right, tommy, if it weren´t for the spikes on the towers, you would have got my vote.


I like the spikes! They add to the overall menacing feel. To me, everything outside the spotlight says, “You are not welcome. I am going to hurt you.” (yes, even the grass :o )

You got my vote!

My apologies to everyone I didn’t vote for. There were many deserving entries (great colours, textures, moods, etc… one even brought back childhood memories!), but I can’t vote for eveyone… yet…

There were many deserving entries (great colours, textures, moods, etc… one even brought back childhood memories!)

I agree, the standards are getting higher and higher (not that it was crap before, of course ;))

May I ask what entry brought you back memories?


pofo’s plastic tower :slight_smile:

Many, many years ago, I had a set of plastic building blocks for building castles. Most of the pieces were curved bricks. pofo’s tower is built from the same stuff - same colours, same shapes. Even the door’s the same!



(and penpen)


After two days of very close voting, a winner has been found!

First time entrant, Tommy5!

Again, well done to everyone who entered!
And I’ll see you all again this time tomorrow, for the start of week 8!


hopefully i won’t be too busy to enter this weekends, but i’m going on a camp from tomorrow morning and then coming back on sunday night to go clubbing, leaving me stuffed on monday, so hmmm.