Challenge #771 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme:

Grease Pencil Story Art

After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on Wednesday.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

[ If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile: ]

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

Pure Entries

  • beau11
    [post=3298114]Would you like a balloon?[/post]

  • RC12
    [post=3298281]Delete CUBE[/post]

  • dat boi
    [post=3298586]The Future of the Grease Pencil[/post]

  • FlyingBanana
    [post=3298791]The Primordial Grease Pencil Soup[/post]

  • Millani
    [post=3298864]The not so Perfect Plan[/post]

  • DoriNori
    [post=3298677]I Honestly Don’t Know Anymore[/post]

Open Entries

  • didierv
    [post=3298525]Perfect plan[/post]
    (I reused the mouse and the grease pencil.
    Blender’s grease pencil tool was used for the plan. )

  • caz747
    Open entry as I used a previously built model for the arch doorway. Everything else is new and with the exceptions of the crosses and moon was made using the grease pencil. )

  • fcharr
    [post=3298501]Blender Nights[/post]
    (Objects and materials borrowed from Victimless Crime (very appropriate for the theme), and Stationery.)

Non-competing Entries

  • Iridesium
    [post=3297799]Giant Monkey[/post]

  • Helge
    [post=3297925]Don’t Lose Your Grease Pencils![/post]

  • Photox

  • purbosky

  • OLG
    [post=3298219]Fire fighter[/post]

  • RobertT
    [post=3298576]SKETCHBOOK RIDE[/post]

Right now it looks like almost everyone has a vote! I voted for millani’s hilarious entry!

EDIT: It appears as though my title was changed?

@beau11 Thanks!

I guess this was the largest non-competing/competing ratio that I’ve seen so far.

And it was changed again. :wink:

Great entries, everyone!

I see why it wasn’t included in the list above, as Photox called his “Bonus Render” a “non-entry,” but I think it deserves to be showcased here for the great and on-topic render it is:

[Once again: this image is from Photox]

Congratulations to all of you!

My vote ultimately went to DoriNori, who said, in the entry post, “I really don’t think the tool was meant for this.”

I think, that you created such a great non-traditional image in Blender is proof enough not only could it be done but it should be done.

As I have long maintained, Blender is far more than simply a 3D tool for artists. In my experience, Blender’s 2D potential is as limitless as its 3D, and I hope more Blender users feel free to get as adventurously creative as possible with the program. I really believe there is a universe (or more) of untapped potential there! =)


Thanks @RobertT! Real grease pencils are a ton of fun to sketch with. Smooth like butter.

@Helge Thanks!

The GP’s main problem for me was the filling. It took my a really long time to fill with different colors!

I was torn between Dorinori, Millani, and FlyingBanana. Millani’s piece made me laugh and had some story and heart, but could have used more cowbell. It was also the only one to feature an actual grease pencil in the render; all the others were regular pencil shapes. As another bonus I greatly love renders with more than 1 character in them.

FlyingBanana’s entry was also hilarious and gets a pass on the pencil because of the play on words.

DoriNoris showed a classic struggle. Both personally, with the difficulty of using a tool like the Blender Grease Pencil, and within the piece itself. A small humanoid facing or hiding from a powerful enemy. I wonder if the odd looking tool the character is holding is meant as a meta statement about the artist, who struggles with their tool. Either way it is the most complete and coherent piece made within the context and stands out as much different from the others. I voted for this one.

An over the top remix of Christopher Walken explaining his feelings about more/less cowbell on Vimeo

Why does the grease pencil line width change with your zoom anyways? Is that a feature or bug?

@photox: Wow, that is a great render, almost looks like a real life photograph of real grease pencils :slight_smile:

Thanks fcharr.

I voted for dat boi because of the way the camera tilts with the pencil. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before, and it’s really cool

Also I’m still not entirely convinced that Photox’s render isn’t a photograph :slight_smile:

I know DoriNori, we should call Photox: Renderox, from now on :wink:

@Photox, awesome render.

@fcharr, awesome tie-in to the movie.

@DoriNori, awesome image. I may have missed it but it reminds me of a movie but for the life of me its not coming on which one it was. Maybe an anime? Maybe that I am just going senile too is a possible conclusion as well. Regardless, your ability to use the grease pencil to get that is pretty impressive.

@everyone, great renders as always.

dorinori, fcharr ,OLG – Thanks! It looks like dorinori has a pretty solid Wednesday morning lead, any hints on the next theme dori?

@ OLG. DorriNori’s entry reminded me of a movie too. The one that springs to mind is the 2014 Godzilla. The monster in the image looks similar to the muto godzilla battled with in the film. Only DoriNori knows for sure though.

@Photox Thanks for getting the punny reference I was going for.

Also thanks for the 3 votes from whoever they may have come from, that is 4 more votes than I was expecting considering this was probably one of the quickest and least involved scenes that I have done. Think I did it in under 2 hours including the render.

Thanks! I’m sure the rats will start working with cowbells if their plan with the catbell works :wink:

Why does the grease pencil line width change with your zoom anyways? Is that a feature or bug?

The size of the line is given in pixels. It feels a bit silly for drawing, but I guess the grease pencil was designed for sketching the composition and things like that.

Some comments for everyone:

beau11: That knife is just for cutting the string of the balloon,… right? :wink: I liked the vector-graphics effect you achieved.

RC12: It seems we’ll never run out of default cube jokes :slight_smile:

dat boi: Nice apple-style futuristic materials. The camera angle is really cool, and gives the image some surreal feeling.

FlyingBanana: Haha, funny how the pencils look like french fries. The metal thing whose name I forgot looks pretty nice. It is just a wireframe modifier (right?), but it works pretty well. Not sure if it is intentional, but I think the pencils would actually float parallel to the surface, instead of being in strange angles.

DoriNori: You achieved a really awesome effect with such a simple tool! I also liked the huge creature in the background: Its body looks fearsome, but its face is quite friendly. It is as if the warrior does not know if he should attack the creature or not.

didierv: The rats were really up to something this week :wink: Funny how you made a prequel to one of your entries.

caz747: Nice mood. The drawing of the character is pretty good too.

fcharr: The first time I looked at the image I thought the wall was further to the background, and they grey region was part of the ground. It is a pretty cool effect! I also liked how the pencils look a bit like people walking around. I just wonder who Sandy is :wink:

Iridesium: Haha, not sure what is more dangerous: Big foot, or a mean kid controlling a robot. Either way, I would definitely run away!

Helge: Pretty cool X-Ray effect! I just wonder how the pencils got in there (and why are they made of metal?)

Photox: The eyes on the left remind me a bit of van Gogh’s style, with many sudden changes in colour. It gives the skin a more rough feeling, which is nice.

purbosky: Nice trick to get shadows in 2D :). I also liked how everything is a bit redish (which fits her name pretty well).

OLG: The drawing looks very nice, both of the gryphon and of the rider. Also funny play on words. The only weird thing is that, without shadows, the character doesn’t really merge with the background.

RobertT: Loved the colours. I also liked how there are many grids on the background resembling paper used for sketches. This feels as if the sketch of the car became alive and started driving around.

@Millani Yeah it was just a cube with the top face removed and a wireframe modifier added to it. Yeah I just randomly tossed the pencils around in the grease in hopes that one wouldn’t think too much into wood buoyancy and that would float. It looked a little off just having them at the top of the liquid. But hey who knows, maybe the guy just tossed them into the basket and they haven’t floated to the surface yet. :wink: yeah I will stick with that idea. Thanks as always for the comments Millani, always appreciated.

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 771 with 36.84% of the votes is… DoriNori!
Here’s to all the great participators…

beau11 : 5 : 13.16%
RC12 : 1 : 2.63%
dat boi : 6 : 15.79%
FlyingBanana : 3 : 7.89%
Millani : 6 : 15.79%
DoriNori : 14 : 36.84%
didierv : 1 : 2.63%
caz747 : 1 : 2.63%
fcharr : 1 : 2.63%
I Honestly Don’t Know Anymore