Challenge #772 Voting CLOSED


(Helge) #1

This week’s theme:


After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on Wednesday.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

[ If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile: ]

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

Pure Entries

  • dat boi

  • Thebayu

  • purbosky
    [post=3300499]Pew! Pew! Defender[/post]

  • RC12

  • Hondo

  • hatzgoura
    [post=3300735]Thug life[/post]

  • Helge
    [post=3300748]Your Name Is Like A Poem[/post]

  • Iridesium

  • FlyingBanana
    [post=3300790]Snap, Crackle, Pop, Blender Krispies[/post]

  • PyBlend
    [post=3300809]Name Maker[/post]

  • joshwinkler3d

  • beau11
    [post=3300183]Choo Choo[/post]

    [post=3301038]what if it was suzzane, instead?[/post]

  • bluberri

Open Entries

  • fcharr
    (Got the floor and wall from a past weekly CGC.)

Non-competing Entries

  • OLG
    [post=3300084]Sonic BOOM[/post]

  • RobertT

  • Millani
    [post=3301032]The Eyes of the Blind (sketchy sketch)[/post]

(FlyingBanana) #2

Awesome entries everyone, can’t wait to see how this horse race is going to go. grabs the popcorn

(dustsounds) #3

Very nice works everyone! Definitely a strong week!
My faves are by dat boi, RC12 and joshwinkler3D but Helge takes the prize this time, hands down! :slight_smile:
A great image.

(fcharr) #4

Being able to create a feathered bird is definitely on my blender bucket list. I am glad to see our weekly challenges produce much coveted results.

(Iridesium) #5

Can we get a theme early this week Helge?

(beau11) #6

I think we all know who’s coming out on top :). Of course he earned it as well.

(darkphoenix) #7

RC12 got my vote because I was also going to attempt a SPLASH if I’d had the time! :slight_smile: Helge’s crow, though – nice. I’ve also been thinking about doing a bird for the longest time…

(darkphoenix) #8

Crow? Based on the title I guess it’s a raven. It’s definitely not a writing desk though…

(Helge) #9

Thanks for the nice words, guys! :slight_smile:

We have 267757 members but only 36 votes, so far. Things could change, but I do see a trend, as well. :slight_smile:
So, thanks for the votes. As always, I’ll start the new entry thread after the voting closed. In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure… strike that… if things hold up, the new theme will be “The End”.

At first, I had a crow in mind but in the end I based the bird on the common raven. But, the entries concept works fine with crows and ravens and as wikipediasays:
‘There is no consistent distinction between “crows” and “ravens”, and these appellations have been assigned to different species chiefly on the basis of their size, crows generally being smaller than ravens.’
It took me a moment to get the “writing desk”. I’ll have to think about that. :slight_smile:

(Michael George) #10

Nice work, Helge. And everyone, for that matter.

Thanks to whoever voted for me. I would like to hear some criticism on my render. I’m going to try and enter the challenge every week, and improve my skills as much as I can.

(FlyingBanana) #11

@Helge lol on the heads up hint. Too bad though cause I started a little scene that soul fit that but guess I will be starting something else hehehe

@MACEPRODUCTIONS I am sure Millani will be sharing some thoughts soon :slight_smile: maybe the window is a little too low to the floor and maybe needed some additional objects in the scene like a little table or chair to show it is a place that is lived in and not just an exploding Suzanne in an empty house. Look forward to more of your entries to come. :slight_smile:

(beau11) #12

Aside from what FlyingBanana said I have some points id like to make.

  1. The grass could use some more randomness as well as maybe some weeds or flowers.
  2. Again I think some more objects would add a lot.
  3. I think some facial rigging for suzanne would be cool to make her look worried

I really love the texturing though you did an amazing job!

(BladeManEXE) #13


I don’t think “thug life” is an Onomatopoeia. :confused:

(Michael George) #14

@beau11 @FlyingBanana

Thanks guys!

(Helge) #15

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 772 with 51.22% of the votes is… Helge!
Here’s to all the great participators…

dat boi : 0 : 0%
Thebayu : 0 : 0%
purbosky : 1 : 2.44%
RC12 : 1 : 2.44%
Hondo : 3 : 7.32%
hatzgoura : 2 : 4.88%
Helge : 21 : 51.22%
Iridesium : 1 : 2.44%
FlyingBanana : 1 : 2.44%
PyBlend : 1 : 2.44%
joshwinkler3d : 2 : 4.88%
beau11 : 3 : 7.32%
bluberri : 1 : 2.44%
fcharr : 3 : 7.32%
Your Name Is Like A Poem

(FlyingBanana) #16

Congrats @Helge. I was scrolling through the entries and I seen yours and was one of those " that’s the winner" moments. Initially in the entry phase I about fainted when I seen yours listed as ’ pure entry ’ and not noncompeting. :slight_smile: I really liked the feather look, did you model a couple then particle them?

(Helge) #17

Thanks FlyingBanana!

And sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Actually, for the wing and tail feathers, I modeled a single feather and duplicated, moved and scaled it by hand. It took me only a few minutes and I couldn’t think of anything faster. For the rest, I used four hair particle systems (beak, head, neck/chest and body). Currently, the bird is rather un-animatable (and it has only one wing) but I’m fine with that. :wink: