Challenge #780 (01/06/18) Entries CLOSED

Looks like you have a decent gaming computer. I replaced my duo core Xeon with a Ryzen 7 with 32 gigs of ram. I no longer use my GPU render. I use 14 threads though, when I have the 16 enabled, blender sometimes crashes.

Title: Microscope. Pure. Cycles, Filmic, 800 samples. Didn’t have much time, took me three hours I believe.


Unfound Knowledge

Pure entry. The logo of Spinner was made with Inkscape, but the rest was made inside Blender. If I have time, I’ll fix some things and make some post-processing as well.

I tried to play a bit with the idea of whether mathematics was discovered or invented. In sense, there could be a library full of proofs of yet unknown theorems, and we just need to “find” such proofs.


  • The P=NP question is a fundamental open question in computer science.
  • In German, the verb “spinnen” is a slang for talking non-sense or bullshit. Literary, it means spinning (as in wool).

Surprisingly, despite the volumetrics and the glass, my potato managed to render in 4 minutes using 128 samples, and the image is not noisy as hell!

EDIT: Added some dust, colour correction and increased resolution.

Old version



non-competing (pure), cycles (512 samples + denoising)


Wasn’t planning on entering, but changed my mind yesterday.
Here’s my pure entry.

"Inner Workings"
Humans know a lot about the human brain, but there is still so much to discover.


@alf0: Nice entry. Recently, I discovered a small crack on the floor of our basement. I guess it would be better to stay away and not to check out where it leads…

As the main/focus object isn’t new I’d call it an open entry. But in the end this is your decision. :slight_smile:

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Considering your entry, I guess you used Blender to model and change your mind :drum:

(I’m sorry, couldn’t avoid it…)


:rofl: Yeah, I noticed that after I replied.

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.





Renderer: Eevee
RenderTime: about 30mins at 720p - 823 frames
Computer: 3.4GHz 6 core/12 thread (fcharr has me beat ;-)) - 1050ti (I need a better graphics card)

Just a quick Eevee render, sadly the cloth and dynamic paint were not working for me in 2.80. I tried exporting the flag to alembic but that also doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I never got around to looking at why I wasn’t getting any DOF effect like I was in my 2.79b opengl render.

I find my GPU and CPU render around the same speed for many of my images, so the new GPU+CPU Cycles rendering in the 2.79x dev build really helps to speed up render times. Are you not using GPU rendering because of memory limits? or because you just don’t have a good graphics card? (like me ;-)).

All the best,



Music by FunWithSound (CC BY-NC 3.0) (
SFX (CCO) from

BlendSwap Models:
Astronaut - EMU suit - Rigged ( by jgilhutton / JUAN IGNACIO (

soviet lunar lander by shontoloyo

Applications Used:
iPi Mocap Studio 30 day trial :frowning: + one old xbox Kinect

Just having a little fun trying to make my own motion capture data this weekend :-).

Happy Blending,

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@fcharr, you have a nice system. I did buy my computer for my online gaming needs but was hoping it was good enough for graphics as well. It will do for now. Don’t really want to cough up two grand for a new computer.

@FlyingBanana, I hear you. I was using an intelHD integrated card when I first started. Painful.

Its only when I try big projects. Otherwise it works okay. I normally only model single pieces so it hasn’t been an issue but I am trying to push myself on these things and try to tell a story. There are optimizations I also really need to learn and do better if I want to continue growing with even more complicated scenes.

Great Tesla scene. Gave me a chuckle. That is exactly where its going to end up at.


The Last Chip (or fry?)

Pure, 300 samples

Just a quick thing I did today, didn’t have much time or ideas over the weekend.

Undiscovered Dome
Pure Entry, Cycles, 200 Samples bpt, filmic, blender compositing node


Here’s my entry: I would say pure but used quite a few textures so going with open just to be safe!

Discovery in the innocent

Ever wonder what a stray balloon, innocently floating with the winds will discover?

Hello guys and gals,

So… after 2 weeks of making donuts and starting on an anvil, I decided to use these weekly Challenges to challenge myself and make a bigger project.
So after a lot of screaming and shouting learning blender while trying to make a scene I finally got to a render I’m satisfied with…JK I didn’t have any more time :stuck_out_tongue:
Any tips and tricks would be nice ofc but maybe this post isn’t the best to talk about all that so I may just make a separate post with the entire scene for this.


@wahyukemalajati Stunning! How did you make the trees?

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I was surprised that my gtx 1050 Ti only rendered a bit faster than my 650 Ti. My CPU rendering is much faster, and 32 gigs pretty much beats my 4 gigs of video ram.

Yeah! 1050ti is not the most powerful graphics card out there but I was still expecting it to be faster then my CPU, but it still beats my previous graphics card which was a Cycles incompatible GTX 9800 with 512 MB RAM, so I guess it’s all relative ;-).

Personally I’m a little more interested in realtime rendering, or at least as close as I can get to it, so I guess I should have perhaps gone with a better graphics card then the one I ended up going with.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new computer, and I can see your starting to put your computers power to good use.

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Thanks @Blujay
skin modifier and edit some vertex for died tree, sapling and particle for the forest

hay Helge thanks alot for your note, this took alot of weight from me, i read the rouls but i didnt fully understand them ,
and about
[Recently, I discovered a small crack on the floor of our basement. I guess it would be better to stay away and not to check out where it leads…]
you beater not to, you dont know what might find out there :slight_smile:

How did you place the trees in there? Love the first scene!