Challenge #79 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: When hell freezes over

Pure Entries

quailman [list:4825937c00]
Hell in an ice block; if this doesn’t fit the theme, I don’t know what does.
Rated PG for mild Profanity.

Pure entry, created and rendered in Blender 2.31 w/rt.

Hell has frozen over, and most people have not been effected. The eskimos however have realized that suddenly they have no reason to fear hell! The eskimos have begun the largest crime spree in history!

Well, this is my “When hell freezes over” version:
The thing in the middle is the “lake of fire” from the nirvana song, frozen (yes i know it’s a cover).

well, here it is, its pure, and hopefully the only one that doesnt have any raytracing! made in like an hour

When hell freezes over, it’s finally cold enough for these guys to have a beer!


Devil gets heating bill… and hell freezes over

Jay Eff
Good Times Gone

We all wanted it, but the consequences…
This is my representation of the day the devs added the undo feature to Blender.

It still needs a lot of work, but well…

Open Entries

Modron [list:4825937c00]
A Cold Day in Hell
(demon mesh created using Blenders Make-Human plugin, terrain created with Blender World Forge, snow by Jason (whoever he is). Material and rigging done by myself)


Hell really does freeze over

My vote went to jogi, it´s really funny! I also like the moddeling of the devil, very neat job!

Vote SCORPY!!!

Jogi’s was well done, and it cracked me up. Love that expression. I was pretty sure I was going to go with BgDM, but it seems like someone always comes along at the last minute. Nice work guys.

Jogi, that is one awesome and funny entry. Well done!


Like I said “That devils got character”… My vote went to BgDM. Just like the idea of the devil finally gettin a cold one I thought Jogi’s image rocked though.

Can the link to my image be changed? The server where it is now seems to be off. I uploaded it to another place. Here it is now. Please change the link!

And yes, I gonna vote soon.



Great character Jogi! Very well done! Got my vote.
Yours got a funny personality, too, BgDM.


Jogi - undoubtly… no offence guys.

yes! a vote already!

Not that there aren’t better works in modeling than jogi’s but u gotta love a joke once and a while!


I don’t see sparrows render. [!]

It’s so hard to choose they’re all good. You all win.

Winner: Jogi with 56% of the votes



Congrats jogi. Really an exceptional job you did.


Thanks you all kind fellows, I feel I have been learning a lot with blender in last few months, weekend challenges are great way to push forward.