Challenge #8 Entries (5 July 2002) - CLOSED

i got an idea :stuck_out_tongue: its gonna be taking slight libreties with the rules but i dont car … i mean care.

This is my entry nothing fancy All pure

Pure Used no Envmaps! Used gimp for the hand drawn look. cuz the red came out all blotchy. The original can be found here along with thumbnails (copy and paste)

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****EDIT OUT WINE HERE :stuck_out_tongue: ***

thanx alot for the support there PILER, some people just don’t know a pure american made custom, all horsepower car =) oh yea, and buy the way, i only have 25 hours into that hot rod, and i do not work being that im only 16,and have plenty of time to spend on blender, so i could have made that car over a 2 day period =) but i can understand.

I’m not entering, but consider this. You said no flying, futuristic cars! :slight_smile:

But, this car is made with todays technology, and REALLY flies!

The sites at, but I doubt they’ll have blueprints up 4 any crazy modellers!

Just thought I’d chuck in my crazy 2 cents, good luck to all competing :smiley:

smerity! thanks for that awesome link! that flying car looks so rad! who’d we steal the tecknology off of? :wink:

rixtr! nooo! crow, his entry was still legit, the rules basically say anything goes as long as you state what u used and stuff… the main thing is to try and create it in a weekend but anything is allowd…and i beleive all the texturing is recent and looks like alot of hard excellent work

imgranpaboy: you beat me to it :wink:

rixtr66: there’s no need to remove your entry - it’s perfectly valid in the Open class

Remember, there aren’t restrictions on what can be entered. Stuff that’s mostly new models and mostly blender goes into the Pure class, and everything else goes into the Open class. Technically, if you really wanted to, you could walk out into the street, take a photo of some guy driving past, and submit that as your Open entry (although I hope you wouldn’t expect/get many votes :wink: )
I’ll try and produce some clearer, more visible info on this for the next challenge.

scrappy: since you’ve been good and put your entry on a page, I’ll provide a thumbnail for you for voting :slight_smile:

very thankful ectizen 8)

crow, i think your scene could use some env maps :wink:
i think i like the unprocessed render better than the hand drawn look, but great job on all of em =)

hehehe, some little grey men perhaps? :smiley:

My entry for the challenge

I didn’t have (and I won’t have) the time to improve it further, and add details etc.

This is a pure entry. Even all textures are hand-made (except for the reflection texture)

btw : the entry is the upper picture

A tree of cars.

Open It’s not a very serious entry, and very open. I Stole the car mesh from the internet and decimated it. Then dupliverted it to a tree made with the L-system script.
I didn’t fancy modelling a car very much.
By the way, this would also have qualified for the previous 2 topics as well (magical/fantasy and nature) - so do I get any extra points for that? :smiley: :wink:

well, I ran out of time TOTALLY, like always… so much details are missing… and this is my first car, be gentle…

I drank the beer, packed the bags and modelled the car. picture in the tv is stolen from … well, tv and wallpaper was something I had on my HD…
this idea was going to be on one of the earlier rounds, but I never made it in time, so here it is now :slight_smile:


bogbean: ahahah, that’s so psychedelic!


I tried to catch up the last hour…because I wasent finished at all…so I blew it up :smiley: literally

This entry is Pure…totally…

I tried to get the dominatrix to work…but it didnt do anything for me…I tried and tried…I hope I’m not tooo late…

“didn’t do anything for me” as in:the page wouldn’t load

the page was blank

the “submit query” button was missing

the “submit query” wouldn’t be pressed

nothing happened when you pressed the “submit query” button

you got a blank page when you pressed the “submit query” button

something else?

I’m planning to do a little work on the dominatrix, to make things run a little more smoothly, so now is the time to mention any problems with it. Upcoming features include some automatic thumbnail options and html generation for cut-and-paste enthusiasts, more of a Q&A format to help with Purity/Openness classification, maybe a time-to-deadline display, etc… Any other ideas?

I pressed Query…but nothing happend…you saw it loading on the bottom screen…but it kept loading…

Hmm… Your browser sent the query, my server didn’t receive it. I think you just picked exactly the wrong moment to submit - I was building the voting thread at the time, and was probably refreshing my views of the entries, so your request maybe just got lost in the noise. I’d say waiting a few minutes and retrying would’ve worked.

I’m working towards optimising my 'net connections to help prevent this kind of thing, but it’s going to take a couple of months, since I can’t afford it at the moment :frowning: