Challenge #8 Voting - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

This week’s theme: car

Pure Entries
cluh[list:40e3ebccbc]wasn’t able to finish my lancer so here is a low rate beetle

imgranpaboythis is my regular, normal car…it does exist in the world, though i could not find blueprints for it at :wink:
PURE entry, no post editing except my name on that can…

ectizenLego set 4593, from the Racers series :slight_smile:
Unfinshed due to time constraints - please imagine that the cars have drivers …
Pure - all new models, with a couple of image maps hand crafted in the Gimp.

scrappy1933 Ford, hot rod custom
Pure All Blender Baby!!! completely new model

crowThis is my entry nothing fancy All pure
Pure Used no Envmaps! Used gimp for the hand drawn look. cuz the red came out all blotchy. The original can be found here along with thumbnails (copy and paste)

hannibarMy entry for the challenge
I didn’t have (and I won’t have) the time to improve it further, and add details etc.
This is a pure entry. Even all textures are hand-made (except for the reflection texture)
btw : the entry is the upper picture

bassewell, I ran out of time TOTALLY, like always… so much details are missing… and this is my first car, be gentle…
I drank the beer, packed the bags and modelled the car. picture in the tv is stolen from … well, tv and wallpaper was something I had on my HD…
this idea was going to be on one of the earlier rounds, but I never made it in time, so here it is now :slight_smile:


Open Entries
oh hell,this is an open entry,modelled with blender and,postprocessed
with photoshop,and not sure how to make an html page,so all i can do is provide a link (cut and paste)

bogbeanA tree of cars.
Open It’s not a very serious entry, and very open. I Stole the car mesh from the internet and decimated it. Then dupliverted it to a tree made with the L-system script.
I didn’t fancy modelling a car very much.
By the way, this would also have qualified for the previous 2 topics as well (magical/fantasy and nature) - so do I get any extra points for that? :smiley: :wink:


Late Entries
@ce[list:40e3ebccbc]I tried to catch up the last hour…because I wasent finished at all…so I blew it up :smiley: literally
This entry is pure…


Oooh! Shiny!

<edit to add a late entry>

Please try and get your entries in on time :slight_smile: I may not be as forgiving in future :wink:

<edit again… anything else you need, @ce? :wink: >

(@ce) #2

OMG amazing entries!! and thanks ectizen!

I just love the beatle!! god…I’m totally outranked here

(blengine) #3

wow, some good good entries this week!! that beetle, excellent! and that tree! haha! so cool…good luck

(ectizen) #4

Sorry, imgranpaboy! I wanted to vote for your RC car, I really did. But basse’s volvo wouldn’t let me :frowning:

Tommy5: I am very keen to see your comments on these entries :slight_smile:

(@ce) #5

Ectisen!! this entry of mine is Pure!!! TOTALLY!!
shit…I was kinda tired…damn…

thanks Ectizen…I wont be needing your services for the time being…oh maybe one…will you make my entry win?? :wink:

oh wait…better…ImaGrandpaboys!!

(digitalSlav) #6

don’t know about the scale basse but you got my vote. nice work! love the toy story car and beetle as well!

(basse) #7

imgrandpaboy, your toy car is perhaps the best toy car I’ve seen in these forums… the plastic feel to it is just PERFECT. and, even if you wouldn’t have all the background stuff you have there, I think it would still look small, toy car…
huh… very well done, you have my vote!


(steve343) #8

hi all sorry my comp decided to through a wobblily so i couldent do my entry on time.

i vote for cluh so shhiinnnnnnnnnnnyyyyy… ehem

(Jolly Gnome) #9

:smiley: Gotta love those Lego’s :smiley:

(pofo) #10

This voting was the hardest yet, all entries are amazingly well done. It’s kind of sad that I only have one vote :wink:

  1. pofo

(Ecks) #11

I don’t understand why rixtr66 have only 4 vote because I think it’s the best of this challenge! Imgranpaboy come in second in front of basse. Great Entries this week! The tree of car is also cool! :slight_smile:

(blengine) #12

yes, strangely low votes for rixtr =*(…but its prolly cause of the OPEN status i guess…i really loved his too

(@ce) #13

funny…I was hovering the contest for around an hour…I see new users being made…and new votes been given…(coincidence?)
come on guys!! if this is what I think it is…please be fair!

(ectizen) #14

Sorry for the late announcement - I couldn’t get through to the forum :frowning:

A close call again, with cluh just edging out imgranpaboy in the final couple of hours of voting!

Well done, all!

@ce: coincidence gets my vote - membership has been rising fairly rapidly over the past few days - there are around 60 more members today than when I last looked maybe 2 or 3 days ago.

(basse) #15

i think it must been coincedence… how could anybody take these challenges so seriously? come on… most of the people here know each other and there is no price… it’s just plain fun…

oh, and congratulations cluh!


(@ce) #16

I it might be coincidental…but I was looking at the growth of Elysiun, saw a couple of new users names…but at the same time I saw them in the weekend challenge forum…I was just thinking conspiracious (dont know if that is actually a word :wink: )
dont mind me…I am probably totally wrong…:smiley:

anyways…CluH!! Congratiolations!! you deserve it…excellent beetle man!!