Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED


(Midnightcpu) #18

This is what I got so far in it with glass?

(alf0) #19

wow so many works !!!

(beau11) #20

Great job everybody! Miss competing and making art in general but I’ll be back :smiley:

(icyou520) #21

You saw this right?

(Millani) #22

It is intentional. If everyone says option 1 is good, then it makes more sense to say that option 1 has 100% approval than to change the percentage depending on how people voted on the rest.

(Helge) #23

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 808 with votes from 62% of the voters is… ixd!
Here’s to all the great participators…


(Helge) #24

As predicted by @fcharr the sailors of the sky took the first place by the way of lighter than air travel. Obviously, this time, their fate was a lot luckier than that of the poor R101. Congratulations ixd! Great job. :slight_smile:

(FlyingBanana) #25

Congrats @ixd nice rendering!

(icyou520) #26

This was a difficult challenge to vote on and give critiques. I think Everyone did a really good job. So I will keep it short and sweet.

I hope everyone has HAPPY HOLIDAY’S, I will be off to NEW ORLEANS until after Christmas so I won’t be around for the next weeks theme.

Peetie: Sails in space

Awesome job with the modeling and perspective. I really like the sails and the light rays coming out from them. All around great job.

3Dnotguru: Sailor1

If you would of put a NASA logo on this, I would of thought it came from NASA. Great job on the texturing, I would of liked to see the top image slightly more at an angle to get a better view of it.

Michael_Jittery_G: Rocket ship on small…

Good job on your entry. The grass looks very good, and I like the Mario world vibe to it.

Purbosky: Red Moon

I really like this image. You got one of my votes. Looks like a video game I would want to play. I like the whole vibe of the image. The blue planet also looks very cool with the atmosphere. Great all around render.

Lacrivilho: Into the west

I have a confession to make. I have tried to watch LOTR (same for Star Wars) about 20 times and I fall asleep every time. I don’t know what it is. I actually like the movie but I get over it quickly. I guess its just not my cup of tea. However, when I saw this image it looked liked something from LOTR. I really like it. I think you did a fantastic job. You got one of my votes.

Atekdigital: Pirates ship

Wow fantastic job. The more I look at this picture the more I like it. I love how you did the rope and sails. Simply Awesome.

AL_Torres: Sunset Launch

Really cool image. It looks like you used the smoke sim and it looks very good. I love the silhouette look with the one shinning star.

Milani: Keep Fishin

Haha I wonder what this guy is fishing for? He actually looks like bait himself. He better watch out for his feet getting nibbled off.

Green3d: Towards the blue sea

I like the sun and sky background. I wonder where all those ships are going? It seems the lighting is off. I would like to see more of the light effecting the sail and bouncing off the water. Good job.


Good job with the compass. Nice clean model and render. The lighting looks a little flat but just being nit picky.

IXD: Winter_camp

This is an absolutely beautiful image. You got one of my votes. The color pallet you used is perfect. Congrats on the win.

Photox: Sailing in time

This is definitely a very eye catching image. I love the spaceship and the portal its coming through. Great composition, rendering, and modeling. The only thing that is throwing me off is the mountain/rock peaks look like wax. Other than that awesome job.

Nitram_2000: Bon Voyage

I really like your water shader. It looks very good. Good job on the texturing and modeling of the anchor. I would of liked to see some motion blur to show the movement of the anchor as it is dropping. Cool scene.

Gourav_K&: Dream of sailing.

That is a book I would need to read. I have only been sailing once in my life. I like the sailboat blueprint image on the coffee cup. I would of liked to see some stronger lighting. Other than that good modeling and texturing.

Arc9: untitled5

I really like the mood of this image. I love the use of DOF and the reflections. Great concept and modeling. Although I do feel like the sun is competing with the leaf for attention. I would move in a little closer to the leaf and just slightly position the sun so there is just a hint of it off screen.

Icyou520: Saturday Morning

Is that a Squirrel or a sugar glider? I would of liked to see more color variations in the fur. Maybe a pose a little more dramatic than an almost T pose. Thank goodness for Photoshop to clean up some of your messy image. Better luck next time.

SystemAgnositc: La Santa Maria

This is a really cool image. I love the tac in the globe and the shadow its giving off. Nice clean render. Great job.

Midnightcpu: captain and her first mate

This looks like a really cool video game. I can imagine my character walking into this room and seeing that galaxy thing spinning in the background. Great job with the mood of this image. Although I feel it should be brighter outside with how bright the light is shining on the floor.

OLG: Party in paradise

Great job capturing the old school post card. That is exactly what I thought it was when I saw it. I would love to be on that boat (even if I don’t have my sailing for dummies book) Great job.

Flying Banana: Setting sail with B…

Good job with the texturing of everything. Looks very good. I hope someone realizes that they forgot to latch all their luggage. Clothes overboard.

Helge: Passengers

I absolutely love this image. I honestly would render out a noise free image and throw it in your portfolio. Great mood and lighting. One of my favorite images I have seen from you.

RobertT: Saturnaina sky

I wish everyone would click to view the full image. I don’t feel you can truly appreciate your work until you see the HI-RES version. It is so beautiful.

Marcoizzo: Setting Sail

This is another image I would love to hang up in my house. Its simple but looks so intriguing. Great use of shapes and monotone color palette. I really enjoyed this one. I would just up the samples to get rid of the noise.

David.Speer: Into the sunset

I have yet to brave the grease pencil world, you have inspired me to try (maybe next weeks challenge) I love the sun in the background with the rays coming out. Good job.

(Midnightcpu) #27

Lol :grin: ya, I took the vortex out of 2.79 with alpha but when I brought it into 2.8 it dulled it down so I went with it.

When light hits mist or fog it amplifies and reflects the light in the area I figured I could put the sun in an unseen area and use the light for amplification I was thinking about and I watched videos on vfx the light almost has a Spielberg atmosphere to it :smirk:


Awesome work this week everyone! :+1: to you all!

(Green3d) #29

Thank You icyou520 I knew their was something off with the lighting of the water and sail ,couldn’t figure it out in time. but yeah my angle was a little off in the render. Thank you for your critique. your flying squeal was awesome as well. :grinning:

(Green3d) #30

Nice Work IXD. that was awsome modeling and the render as well.

(david.speer) #31

Congrats, loved the image.
Solid render, landslide win!

(FlyingBanana) #32

Thanks for the input @icyou520 Nice catch on the suitcase latches. I did that just to see if anyone would point it out. And indeed someone is going to be a little upset having to buy a novelty Banana Boat Tour wardrobe since theirs all ended up in the water. :slight_smile: To be honest though I didn’t really put too much time into this one and used a lot of textures, the suitcases were from another attempt at an old weekend challenge that I ended up tossing and seemed to fit the setting sail theme so I reused them they were procedurally textured and texture masked by me.

The wood textures were from


Thank you all for the support! :smile: Great entries, everyone!

If anyone is interested in the toon shading I used you could find more here and play with it:)

(Gourav) #34

Can u please elaborate on stronger lighting?
Just having difficulty on lightning my scenes.

(LeighAH) #35

Congratulations @ixd, fabulous image. You got my vote!

Also well done to everyone, some really strong entries this week, it made for enjoyable viewing.

(Nitram_2000) #36

Thanks for the feedback. How do I add motion blur to a static image?

I also would have liked to have added foam, seaweed, and water droplets, but hey, I am but a beginner :smile:

Congrats to @ixd for his brilliant image. I saw a introductory tutorial on the EEVEE toon shader last week and thought I have to give it a play. You beat me to it (not that I could’ve made an image as good as that anyway😂). Thanks for sharing your shader. It certainly has a great look.

(icyou520) #37

Its actually really easy, just animate your object (anchor) from one spot to another, then click motion blur check box. That’s it. Keep in mind render times will go up, and if you are using 2.8 EEVEE motion blur only works on the camera for now, not objects.