Challenge #811 Voting CLOSED


(FlyingBanana) #12


Blockquote If this issue hasn’t been cured by now, a few cans of WD-40 would be nice. :wink:


Blockquote Nice! The only thing missing now are the tie-wraps :slight_smile:

Problem fixed :slight_smile: Now maybe I will be able to sleep at some point. Also nice tip on the lighting. I love using blackbody lighting.

(Midnightcpu) #13

I use sunlamps outside or for Windows and I use point or hemi for inside lighting.
Only time I use spot is for street lights at night or to light one side of a planet.
I only use environment textures for reflection never lighting. :grin::yum:

(Francisco Charrua) #14

I think it’s a great Idea :slight_smile:

(Midnightcpu) #15

I like it too it gives insight on each piece :grin::sweat_smile::yum::drooling_face:

(Helge) #16

That was fast! Very nice :slight_smile:

(Helge) #17

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 811 with votes from 52.3% of the voters is… RayVelcoro!
Here’s to all the great participators…

Swiss Army Knife

(FlyingBanana) #18

Congrats on an awesome pbr rendering @RayVelcoro !!!

@Helge Thanks. Yeah object scales are way off but it is quick and easy when you use image textures, unwrap, plug in principaled node and tada! :wink:

(purbosky) #19

Congrats @RayVelcoro !

Btw, concerning review, I think giving a good comment/critique can be as hard as making a good artwork itself (not to mention if there were like 20+ entries, lol) so it’s better left as an optional task. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Green3d) #20

congrats RayVelcoro

(Midnightcpu) #21

Lol ya I started thinking about that 20 is alot and optional would be good :thinking::yum::grin:


Well done RayVelcoro!

(RayVelcoro) #23

Thx y’all!

(Nitram_2000) #24

Well done!

(icyou520) #25

Hello everyone,

I hope you had Happy Holidays.

Sorry this is going to be a short one, being gone for a few weeks really put me behind at work. I usually try to read what everyone is doing with their image in the entries thread. This time I didn’t, sorry if I missed some things.

Flying Banana – Cue Smithing

At 1st glance I thought this was a photo, Great job modeling and shading. I know time is an obstacle, some wear and tear will really enhance the photorealism (if that is what you wanted to go for). Great Job!

Fcharr – On the verge

I love the colored fan blades. (Just went to Google to see if computer fans like this exist, they do, I want some now). I am currently “on the verge” of building my new computer. Nice Job!

ARC9 – Blender

… and what a great tool it is. I love the colors, Reminds me of an old Video Copilot tutorial I saw many years ago. Simple and well executed. Good Job!

3dnotguru – Best Tool

Haha definitely hit the nail on the head with this. This is by far the most important tool. It took me a minute to see what the carving in the wood said. It would be just a little easier to read with the camera tilted down a little. Good job.

OLG – Super Power Tool

Oh my, this reminds me of a NETFLIX doc I saw a couple years ago. I think it was called “the bomb”. It shows all the declassified footage of Atomic / Hydrogen bombs, underground, above ground and atmospheric test. It incredibly frightening. Good job on the image.

RayVelcoro – Swiss Army Knife

Beautiful model and render. I saw what you wrote about lighting and I could not agree more. Another thing I would like to note about photorealism is imperfections. I think some smudges and small grime would help the image tremendously. Great job. Congrats on the win.

Sid_J – A needle for a hundred pins

Good job on the shading, I like the plastic cover and how the pins are arranged. Did you use physics or did you manually place them?

Purbosky – Concentric Apparatus

I really like this scene. I love the rolled up paper and the small Blender logo on the eraser and ruler. Not much to critique, I think you did a great job.

Maelys031 – The ultimate tool

Yes I agree money just might be the ultimate tool. I think the picture is a little too dark, also some back lighting might help things pop out a little more. It’s a little hard to tell what is going on.

Atomvar – Optical Mouse

Haha I like the pun. That mouse seems scary to me. I think I will stick with my normal boring mouse for now.

Peacful whate – weekend challenge

Nice job with the keyboard, I really like the lighting on the side of the buttons. To help the image a little more I would add a back wall and turn down the glossiness on the wood table. Good Job.

David Speer – Stage for a new dawn

I love when you do scenes like this. Great mood lighting and again looks like something that I would print and hang up. Great job.

Green3d – man of tools

Good job with the modeling. I recently got my 1st tool box and some tools for Christmas. Its funny how things you could care less about as a kid become your favorite thing as an adult.

Midnightcpu – creation from 3D

Awesome job with the modeling. I like how the printer is printer Suzanne. I see its printing Blender 2.8, was 2.8 used for this scene?

Millani – forbidden knowledge

Beautiful atmosphere. I love the idea and the execution. I would love to see your portfolio. Do you have a website or ArtStation?

Vaukalak – Toos Case

Ahhhh yes, this is very close to all our Tools for the job. I love the cup of coffee (in fact brb going to get some……. ) Ok I am back now, on to the critique. Great job with the modeling and shading. I really like the smudges on the glass. Good job.

Nitram_2000: Eveolution or war tools

Nice image, and very scary to see how the weapons advance over the years. Wonder what the next super weapon will be?

Helge – Im a doctor

I don’t understand the title but I love the image. I really like the stitching and the mood of the image. As always great job.

Photox: Crafted

I am not saying this is my favorite image of yours but you really seem to be getting better and better every challenge. I love the wood shavings, fantastic job, I am curious of your technique. I tried doing a similar scene and I couldn’t get the shavings as nice as yours. Was a particle system used? What about the big clump of shavings?

Robert T – Flat head dread

Very cool trippy image. I always love your color schemes. I am curious at what point in the process do you decide on the colors you’re going to use? Is this decided before you even start the image?

Sorry this was so short, I will give some better critiques next week. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to do for “My Hometown”.


(Midnightcpu) #26

It was mostly 2.8 had to use 2.79 to get the bolts because I can’t find them in 2.8.

To think of it I might be able to get the bolts in 2.8 by importing the script from 2.79 won’t know until I try. :grin::yum::drooling_face::smirk:
Bolt factory is a add-on for 2.79 so I’m thinking import the file as an add-on like all the other add-ons I only did a little scripting so I only know like the basics I don’t know if it will work

(Helge) #27

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for taking the time (again) :-).

It is my version of an old plague doctor’s mask, which was in use when the Black Death was spreading all over Europe. The title is a popular reference to Star Trek - The Original Series. :slight_smile:

(Millani) #28

Thank you, I hope the meaning of the knife came through.

I do have a DeviantArt account, but I post basically my entries of the weekend challenge there :wink:

(btw, why are your comments out of order? oO Do you follow the entry thread?)

(icyou520) #29

Yes and No, I try to write down what I am going to say as people post their images, but with WIP’s and people changing their idea’s, it makes it tricky. So my “rough draft” is from the entries thread and then I “polish” it on the voting thread. So things will be out of order from time to time.

and I am sorry, I do not get the meaning of the knife. I think I have an idea, but to save myself from embarrassment I will just ask for its meaning.

(Millani) #30

Well, if you look through the window you can see some bars. That is supposed to be a fence. Some of the bars are bent, which is a sign that someone got in without the key to the gate. The knife, stuck on the wood, is supposed to be a threat. I wanted to make a letter below it, but didn’t have time. That’s why the entry is called “Forbidden Knowledge”, since the person practicing alchemy was annoying the wrong people.

(FlyingBanana) #31

@icyou520 thanks. Yeah I hoped to have enough time to unwrap and texture pain in some wear and tear on the lathe. Along with some shavings and other cue parts. But skipped the shavings as photox’s would have made mine just look like noise. But I am currently unwrapping and getting ready to start the wear and tear then maybe put it up on my artstation page or at least the finished works threads here.